Pikkol Payment Policy

Pikkol offers the customer multiple payment options for their convenience. The customer is requested to make a payment only while confirming the order.The customer can choose ‘full payment’ or ‘part payment’ option on the site while confirming the order.

Scenario 1: Part Payment: In this option, a part payment is charged from the customer as ‘booking confirmation fee’. This is pegged at a minimum of INR 1000/-. The customer is required to pay the remaining amount of the order once the job is initiated. If the customer attempts to reschedule the relocation date, he will have to pay an additional charge based on the availability on the particular date. If the customer cancels the job, the booking confirmation fee will not be refunded.

Scenario 2: Full Payment: In this option the customer pays the entire amount in advance while booking the job. If the customer cancels the job, the full amount after deducting the booking confirmation fee will be refunded to him/her. The refund will be initiated as per government norms or within 7 working days of receiving a cancellation request.

This policy is subject to change from time to time. The customer is advised to visit this page and keep himself/herself updated on the same.