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  • Pre-move & post-move services
Make moving into your new home an enjoyable experience

May it be within the city or to a new city, moving in just became the easiest part of relocation

Moving in to a new home is often a joyous occasion, the first step towards a new environment and life When you change your home, you are changing the most comfortable environment that you have been accustomed to for a long time. Whatever may be the reason you are moving, going to a new home is both a physical and mental exertion that drains you. In addition to the moving woes, you have to be there for your family, help the kids adjust to the new home and a tonne of other things to do.

In all this commotion, the moving part is the most crucial and stressful part. The stress can be dissolved easily by choosing the best in class, professional relocation experts for packing and moving your belongings safely to a new home, so you can concentrate on what is more important.

Online booking: Instead of the traditional three day waiting for the vendor to come and give a quote after house survey, Pikkol lets you make your own order online at the comforts of your home in less than 3 minutes. This saves your time and effort to such an extent that booking your move is as easy as ordering food online. A dedicated move manager will take up your order and take care of everything that need to be done on your behalf.

Customizable orders: Unlike packers who quote for the move as they please, Pikkol lets you customize your order online and choose the best package for you. Quotes can be customized by choosing your packing levels, day and time of move etc. You can also avail extra protection by opting for damage cover. The instantaneous quotes changes shown will give you the freedom to choose what is best suited for you.

Pre-move services: Moving a house is not just packing and transporting your belongings. It involves a lot of uninstallations of appliances, dismantling of furniture, plumbing works, electrical works etc. Most of the time, these requirements come into notice only on the day of the move. The only options left will be running from pillar to post trying to find electrician or a carpenter or risk the safety of your furniture by trusting the inexpert hands of the packers to do these. Pikkol lets you choose the pre-move and post move services you need at both old and new home handled by experts. One stop solution for all relocation needs lets you move-in with ease.

Packing and moving: Your belongings are not just objects. Each of them have memories attached to them and any harm or damage to them will be unbearable. This is one of the major reasons why a professional and expert packer and mover need to be engaged to ensure a safe move. Pikkol’s trained move teams will ensure that every bit of your belongings get the protection they need for the move by packing them with best in industry packing materials and methods. Be rest assured that your moving in will be exciting and enjoyable when all the hassles are taken care of by experts.

How your moving-in experience is facilitated

Pre Move

  • You can book your move online at Inventory of items earmarked for moving can be provided in the website

  • You can customize your quote as per your need and book the move The right truck is assigned as per your order

  • A dedicated move manager will be assigned to the order who will take the process forward All terms of services are shared and special instructions are noted

  • Pre-move service requirements are noted and teams assigned

During the Move

  • The team will reach as per schedule at your pick up location with packing materials

  • Pre-move services like dismantling of furniture, uninstallation of AC/Washing machine/Water Purifiers etc. done

  • Packing is done depending on where you are moving (within city or across cities)

  • The packed items are loaded onto the truck and transported safely to the destination

Post Move

  • The team will unload and move your belongings to the new home.

  • All dismantled furniture are assembled and appliances installed by post-move services handymen.

  • The premises are cleaned off any packing materials Post-move services are completed

  • The Customer delight team will be in touch with you for feedback and any post move queries.

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