Tarnaka Overview

If you look at Hyderabad and give it a divided attention, then you cannot miss the rising locality of Tarnaka. As once it was known as Little England, Tarnaka is one of those old areas of Hyderabad which revelled in its cultural and royal days, its large vineyards and those corners which were full of grown trees supplying the green arcades the world dreams of. But those were the old days. The modern concept of a city is quite different from how it was back then. Today’s world sees a world of high rises, good roads, hospitals in the vicinity, schools, shopping complexes, modern residential complexes, industries, etc. Tarnaka of today offers just that. With great buildings coming up, and more amenities already in place for the citizen to have a top notch life as well being in style. So Naturally this area has seen a major influx of people and companies setting up their base here. Tarnaka has developed to become one of Hyderabad’s important components in turning the city into a great one. With the IT boom, the place has seen more rises in businesses, offices and residential population over the years. Apart from that, many swanky shopping complexes are on its way while some are already there. People are preferring this area more and more, with the lifestyle it has to offer and the kind of buzz it has.

About Pikkol Packers and Movers in Tarnaka, Hyderabad

We are, simply put, a group of individuals sharing a common vision of ushering in a new wave of change in the way the Indian relocation industry operates by bringing in the much needed standardization of various parameters including safety, accountability, professionalism and unmatched service experience at affordable rates for packers and movers.

Pikkol, conceived as the brain child of a group of enterprising young men in April 2015, operates as a move manager service platform where customers can search for a tailor-made solution for their relocation needs. Founded and managed by IIM Alumni, Pikkol’s mission is to make every move happening in India be a hassle-free happymoving experience to bring in customer delight.

The most hassle-free move booking experience is made possible by the world’s first ever true instant relocation charge auto-quoting engine developed. This technological marvel calculates your move quote after you enter your move details. The system generated quote makes the pricing completely transparent. The additional option of customizing the quote online truly demonstrates that customer is indeed, the king. Pikkol is the only platform where the customer is encouraged to benefit from the dynamic pricing nature of packers and movers industry.

Unlike a marketplace where your requirement is passed over to any vendor, Pikkol truly cares about your move and deploys specially trained teams for the service execution. Teams are trained on best practices followed in Packing, unpacking, handling, transportation, safety, etiquette and operating technology. May it be house shifting or vehicle shifting, the teams are well equipped and trained to safely handle your belongings during loading, unloading and transportation.

As the flagship product of Rednile Innovations Private Limited, Pikkol is the ultimate one stop solution for your queries such as “How can I find the most trusted and reliable packers and movers” , “best packers and movers for house shifting”, “trusted and safe truck hire for house and office shifting”, “who is the most trusted packers and movers in India” etc. #happymoving.

Movers and Packers in Tarnaka, Hyderabad

Living in Hyderabad these days is nothing short of living in any other metro in India. Although we are not sure if Hyderabad could yet be called a metro, but the signs are there, with all the modern amenities, living conditions and swanky localities. Hyderabad, since the IT boom has transformed and taken a giant leap towards being a modern city of sorts. So naturally innumerable amonuts are businesses and people are attracted to this city, with which we could see a drastic change in the lifestyle of the people, local or outsiders who in turn have helped Hyderabad transform into a city which the future can certainly look forward to. All these changes bring about the chores of shifting your life from one place to the other, and in here, life means your businesses, household goods etc. But with the city’s rise, there rises the business the need for a reliable, efficient and cost-effective packer and moving solution. The packing & moving business, which may not be as much rated as other services around but are equally essential to start living in a multi-diverse place like Hyderabad. So be it office shifting, car shifting, domestic household shifting or business shifting, Pikkol Packers & Movers have you covered in every way, no matter how full our hands are, we have the required resources to help you move to your required destination with ease, efficiently and at the most affordable rates.

Best Packing and Moving Company in Tarnaka

With such an area presenting itself to the world in modern day Hyderabad, the people are often going to turn to the multiple packing & moving companies present here to carry out either domestic shifting, office shifting, car shifting or business shifting. When in such an area of Hyderabad like Tarnaka, that one is spoilt for choices among the multiple brands present for packing &moving. There are innumerable packing & moving companies in Tarnkawho are all ready to help you out with the shifting needs. There can be many needs like office sifting, house shifting, shifting domestically of certain goods or cars shifting etc. So all in all if one shifts to this area in whatever capacity, the important thing is to have a packing & moving company on board to cover these needs and have a safe shifting and setting for your new home or office.

We at Pikkol offer you unmatched packing & moving solution at affordable rates if you are looking at relocating to in Tarnaka. Let us help you choose a brand based on our experience over the years and of the quality of work a brand can produce for utmost satisfaction of the customer. Pikkol packers & movers would be choice for a safe and satisfied shifting of all your goods. We are a prepared bunch of professionals with enormous experience and expertise. While we know our business well we also make it a point to know the localities well, especially those in the city of Hyderabad. So when it comes to office shifting, car shifting, domestic shifting or shifting your house, choose Pikkol for the best results.

" Pikkol has no doubt been our best packing and moving experience so far. Pikkol has a very good blend of packaging quality and customer service. The team was very professional and we didnt have to worry about anything as they managed the entire work very efficiently. The entire experience was very pleasant and we keep recommending the same to friends looking out to relocate."

- Savisesh M

" Amazing moving experience. Used their services for local shifting. They know their work very well and all my stuff was moved undamaged and hassle free. Best is they help with dismantle and again arranging the stuff back, once moved. "

- Divi Jain

" Changed my perception about shifting stuff....From one place to another. Hassle free, clean and friendly service. Nice to see a firm trying to create delivery standards in this unregulated and scattered market. Kudos ! Keep up the good work."

- Akram Khan

" Very well managed, Highly Efficient and least troublesome. Every Article was packed and shifted with utmost care and nothing has been missed out. Had an amazing experience. "

- Patanjali Narayanabhatta

" It's been good service from pikkol. Very friendly team. Understands the customer requirements. Very prompt, helped me in having a smooth shifting. "

- Gowrishankar Kasthala



Tarnaka, Secunderabad, Telangana, India

Sindhi Colony, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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Tarnaka Main Road, Gokul Nagar, Secunderabad, Telangana, India

Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, India

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Tarnaka, Secunderabad, Telangana, India

Tarnaka, Secunderabad, Telangana, India

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