12 Vastu Tips for Office: Key to Growth & Prosperity

12 Vastu Tips for Office: Key to Growth & Prosperity

June 18th, 2021

Finance is the heart and soul of any business, making it imperative to set up a workspace infused with positivity, motivation, divine blessings, and financial stability. Be it home or office, constructing and designing the interiors and exterior based on Vastu can bring good fortune and prosperity. So, if you plan to set up a new office or wish to renovate it, here are a few good tips to keep in mind.

Vastu tips for Office Buildings to Bring Prosperity

The correct placement of walls, paints, decor, and much more will ensure financial prosperity and improve a person's holistic well-being. Here we have listed a few office Vastu Shastra guidelines that will make your workspace boon with positivity and growth.

1. Office plot

If you still have the option of choosing a space, shermukhi plots are the best for the office buildings as their shape signifies a lion. These plots are broad in the front and narrow at the back and usually face the North direction.

2. Direction of an office building

The direction of the commercial building has been a topic of discussion. Still, most people believe that the North, North-East, or North-West is ideal for office or business as they bring good luck and positivity to business. For the service industry office, the East direction suits them best, while for the profit-making organisations, the North direction (direction of Kuber: lord of wealth) brings financial benefits.

3. Location of the business building

The office should ideally be surrounded by running roads rather than a lonely one for prosperity.

4. Entrance of Office

It’s best if the main entry point of the office faces North or East direction without any obstacles.

Pro-Tip: Do not place anything in front of the main entrance door as it can potentially block the positive energies from coming in.

5. Reception

The reception of the office has to give positive vibes to the visitors, clients, or even employees. The ideal location for the reception is the East or Northeast direction. Place the office name board on the south wall and place the reception desk diagonal to the main entrance door.

Pro-Tip: The receptionist should sit facing North or east.

6. Staircase

The correct staircase position as per Vastu is in the South or South-West direction, painted in light pastel shades.

Pro-Tip: It's best to avoid constructing staircases in the center as it can potentially lead to financial losses.s. Also, avoid red and black coloured staircases.

7. Indoor Positioning

The indoor positioning of every department, pantry, and much more plays a vital role in Vastu. So let’s see how and where things are to be positioned in the office to make success and prosperity come your way.

Office Vastu Sitting Position

  • Employees: Should face North or East direction.
  • Accounts Department: This should be located in the North or East direction as these directions are ideal for conducting cash transactions. Place the financial records in the Southwest or North of the cabinet.
  • Technical Department: Southeast direction is the best as it invokes power and passion.
  • Marketing & Sales Department: These departments can be in the northwest corners of the office facing the north direction to keep them motivated.
  • Administrative and HR: They can be seated in the Southeast or northeast of the office.
  • Managerial level: The executive positioned people should face Southwest, South, or West directions per Vastu for office as it is believed these directions increase the decision-making ability at work and bring positivity to offices.

Office Vastu Rooms Position

  • Owner’s Room: The office owner’s cabin has to be placed in the South-west direction and face north while working.
  • Conference room: Construct the conference room in the northwest direction.
  • Waiting room: Should be made in the North-west or North-east direction.
  • Cash safe: The southwest direction as it denotes financial stability.
  • Pantry: The pantry can be positioned in the South-East direction of any office and painted blue. Keeping bright green plants can add a touch of freshness. Never place a pantry in your office in the North direction and painted in pink or red colour.
  • Storage room: Storerooms, employee lockers, and other storage places can be in the south or southwest direction in the office.
  • Temple Room: Construct the pooja room in the northeast direction, like home, most suitable for business growth. But in case NE direction is not available, construct the pooja room in the east direction. If you want to know which god photo to keep in the entrance, Vastu experts suggest placing the Ganesha idol, but make sure that the back of the Ganpati murti or the photo faces the office’s main entrance.

8. Exterior Positioning

The exterior part of any office comprises many things: Guardroom, staff quarters, office lawns etc. Their position based on Vastu Shastra is explained below:

  • Office parking: Parking of the vehicles should be in the North-West direction of the office building. Never build the parking space in the North-East direction.
  • Guardroom: Northwest direction is the best to keep the eyes on the visitors and vehicles coming in the office premises.
  • Office lawns: If you have a yard with big trees, it should be in the West and South of the office premises. But you can develop small lawns without trees in the North-East, North and east directions.
  • Staff quarters: The ideal direction is North West for staff quarters, but the second-best option is the southeast if there is no space there.

9. Shelves For the Official Files

Here are the directions to keep your essential files.

Account filesSoutheast corner shelf
Purchase filesSouthwest shelf on South wall
Sales filesNorthwest shelf
Share FilesShares you want to sell must be stored in the Northwest shelf on the North wall, and the one’s to be retained on the Southwest shelf made on the South wall
Estate filesSouthwest shelf on South wall
Raw materials filesSouthwest shelf
Finished goods filesNorthwest corner shelf
Income tax filesSouthwest corner shelf
Sales tax and excise filesSouthwest corner shelf
Import and Export filesNorthwest corner shelf
Cash purchase filesSouthwest corner shelf
Credit purchase filesNorthwest corner shelf
Stores filesSouthwest corner shelf
Staff and workers filesNorthwest corner shelf
Pending bill receivables filesNorthwest shelf
Litigation filesNorthwest corner shelf
Personal filesSouthwest shelf of cabin

10. Wall colours of the Office

Painting office premises with bright colours spread positivity, reflects light, and keeps negative vibes at bay, but vice-versa works the best in some cases. So let’s check the colour palette for the office walls.

Colour Palette
Blue: Helps in keeping the aura cheerful, especially for the southern wall.
Green: You can paint the southwest wall in green colour to promote harmony in the office.
White: Different shades of white, cream and yellow should be in south-east, east, north-east, and north-west corners or walls.
Pink and Red: Generally, office interiors are not painted in red and pink colours, but use them only on southern walls if you choose to do so.

11. Placing plants in the office

Consider placing jade plants, snake plants or bamboo plants on your office desk as it brings good luck and prosperity. Some other commonly used plants are areca palm plants, money plants, or dracaena plants.

12. Workplace Furniture

Workstations should never be L-shaped or any other irregular shape as it may create confusion and delays in the delivery of work. For East-facing workstations, the storage has to be on the right-hand side, while workstations with north-facing can have the extra space on the left side of the table.

Pro-Tip: Avoid tables with glass tops or metal tables, as these are not considered lucky for any growing businesses.

Vastu For Office: Defects & its Remedies

Many offices have a stressed environment. This can be because of a bad Vastu plan that might be affecting the performance and productivity of the employees. We have jotted down a few common defects and remedies according to the Vastu principles to bring cheerfulness to the office.

  1. As per Vastu guidelines, having the master cabin in the northeast or southeast is a major Vastu defect. It is suggested to place a natural crystal rock in the southwest corner of the main cabin.
  2. If a pillar or a tree is at the front entrance, place a basil plant between the pillar and the main door. This adds some greenery and makes the entrance look welcoming, removing all the negative energies.
  3. Place a bright painting in the office’s east direction to remove the negativity from your office premises.
  4. The centre of the office premises should be left empty, but if you have made a pantry or toilet there, keep Vastu salt in a bowl and replace it weekly.
  5. Usually, the stove and sink are placed near each other in the office premises due to less space in the kitchen/pantry. To rectify this, put a copper swastika behind the gas/stove and a pyramid made of Shriparni wood close to the sink.
  6. For a small office, paint the walls in light pastel and neutral hues. For large spaces, use bright colours.
  7. Offices with extended corners give away negative impact. Consider placing aromatic plants in the window in the northwest corner. Additionally, hanging wind chimes with six pipes in the window in the northwest can also be beneficial.

Vastu Tips for Work From Home Office

Since the pandemic started in 2019, work from home has become the new normal. Unfortunately, most work-from-home professionals set up their workspace in the corner of the bedroom, in the passage area, or the guest bedroom and sometimes use their dining table as the work desk. But to maintain a balanced environment and promote productivity, try to follow the below-stated Vastu guidelines to attract good vibes in your home office.

  • The best Vastu direction for a work desk at home is the southwest or west part of the house as it is conducive to a stable career.
  • Right colours will help increase engagement and respect toward your work. For example, a light yellow palette ensures good health, delicate green balances the mind, body, and soul and attracts positive vibes, and pale gold ensures productivity.

Vastu For Office: A Quick Summary of What to Build Where

Entrance doorEast or North direction
Owner’s roomSouthwest
Accounts departmentSoutheast
Conference roomNorthwest
Marketing departmentNorthwest
Temple in officeNortheast
Cashier’s officeNorth direction
Labourer’s houseNorthwest
Water tankSouthwest or West direction
StaircaseWest, South, and Southwest
ToiletsSouthwest and Northeast
Almirahs and racksSouthwest
Telephone and side tablesSouthwest corner

It's important to evoke the Vastu Shastra and all the five elements within it to make a clean and clutter-free workspace and free of any obstacles to financial prosperity.

Sreeju Sreekumar