Things to know while shifting from Bangalore to Mumbai

Things to know while shifting from Bangalore to Mumbai

February 20th, 2017

After staying for a few years in Bangalore, you may decide to move to Mumbai for bettering your career prospects, or simply because your employer has transferred you. This is no doubt a very exciting option, and every year thousands of people shift between these two cities.

Shifting across cities permanently is much more than just packing your bags and catching a flight. Here is a small list of things you need to do.

• Know the city: as compared to Bangalore, Mumbai life is extremely hectic and even the most energetic person needs some time to get used to the so-called “madness” in the city life of Mumbai. It takes time, so do not get frustrated, even if you get exhausted after keeping up with the fast pace of the city for a while.

• Accommodation: staying in Mumbai can be a very costly affair, and you need to manage your finances well. Rents in Mumbai city are generally quite high, so you may want to look at affordable housing options in Navi Mumbai, Thane, or any other suburbs instead.

• Moving: shifting from Bangalore to Mumbai is now very easy, thanks to professional moving companies like Pikkol, which caters to the intercity shifting needs of more than 8000 families every year. Based on the extensive experience that we have gathered over the moves, here are a few tips to make the shifting process easier for you:

• Plan early: ideally you should start planning at least 2 months before the scheduled date of shifting.

• Engage a professional mover: a professional moving company will do every bit to ease the worries and strain of making the shift from Bangalore to Mumbai. Go to Google and make a short list of the companies which have received good reviews from users regarding helping them to shift from Bangalore to Mumbai. Thereafter, pick up the phone, discuss your requirements with them and ultimately finalise a moving company for handling your requirements.

• Site survey: the professional moving company invariably will do a site survey to understand the work involved in completing the shift. Allow them to visit your house to see the amount of furniture and other materials that will need to be moved. Also they will get to know the manpower required to execute the move smoothly and access paths for truck for the move. Don’t forget to mention it if you have a vehicle to be transferred. Thereafter, they will give you a quotation based on the work involved. Pikkol makes this process extremely easy by proving you the Automated Online Quote System. This app aggregates quotes from many movers, and is a fast and hassle free way to get the best quote for you in a few clicks. The best thing is that it’s completely free!

• Lowest is not always the best: while you may take quotations from multiple professional moving companies, do not always go with the lowest one just because they are cheap. Many unscrupulous moving companies will cut corners to get your order, and will leave you high and dry later. Definitely check the credentials and the and past customer experiences to understand whether they have a good track record or not before hiring the company offering a lower quote.

• Pack right: moving across cities takes time and there will be a lot of people who will be handling the goods on the way. In many cases, the truck that picks up your goods in Bangalore will not be the same truck which will drop your goods in Mumbai. On the way, there may be a series of loading and unloading activities which will happen. Thus, there is a fair chance that the goods will get damaged, sometimes severely if they are not packed properly. Imagine what will happen if they use furniture packing material to pack your expensive cutlery sets made of bone china! At Pikkol, we are extremely sensitive about this fact and we never compromise on the quality and the type of the packing materials that we will use to pack your materials. We dedicate a lot of time in packing all the goods with the proper materials, and never rush through the process.

• Decide on timelines: at the very beginning, understand how long it will take for the company to shift your goods from Bangalore to Mumbai. This will help you to synchronise your own move with that of the goods. This is essential, especially if you are shifting with your family. An excessively long time will mean that you will reach much earlier than your furniture, and will have to manage without it somehow. Another tip: shifting during the monsoon season typically takes longer, so if possible shift during the other seasons.

• Dispatch and unloading: after reaching the destination, some movers, especially the ones which offer you extremely cheap rates, will unload the goods at your doorstep and drive away. Therefore, while entering into the contract, specify that you would want the goods to be unloaded inside your new apartment in Mumbai. Their job should be over only after this is done.

Leave your shifting worries to professional moving companies like because so that your mind is free to enjoy the new city, settle down and become Mumbaikar soon.