The D-day

The D-day

April 19th, 2015

All the planning you and your team have put in comes together on moving day. Make your office shifting an adventure. Closer to D-day, you need to:


Replace and Upgrade

This is the best time to take a look at all your electronic equipment. Most of it can be upgraded or replaced. You can even sell stuff to a dealer.

Purge the office

Relocation also means you can actually do something about the many stacks of files that have been sitting in your storage room forever. Take a good hard look. If you don’t need the hard copies anymore, you can scan the documents. This saves office space.


Go over your insurance with your insurance provider. Find out if there is any additional coverage that you need during relocation.

Packing instructions

Ask your employees to remove their personal belongings. Provide the packing boxes to your packing and moving team or professional movers. Instruct them to label the boxes with the location, room number and contents. Boxes with breakables need to be marked as fragile. Give office maps to the packers and movers so that they know where to put the stuff.

Tech team

Keep a tech team on standby. Get them to backup important data. Ensure that the telephone and internet lines at your old office are disconnected.

Prepare your new place

Ensure that painting, carpentry and electrical works at your new office are done a week before moving day. Have your vending machines transported to and installed at the new place. Set up internet connectivity and phone lines at your new office. If you have ordered new furniture, they can be set up ahead of moving day as well. You can easily hire a truck in Bangalore for transporting furniture.

Moving committee

Ensure that members of the moving committee are present at both the offices on moving day. Coordination between them will help make the transition smoother. They can inspect the premises to see that nothing is left behind.

Trusted packers and movers in Bangalore will make your moving easy and hassle free.

Happy moving!