Smart Pack and Move Tips – Do garbage bags provide useful alternative to conventional packing bags?

Smart Pack and Move Tips – Do garbage bags provide useful alternative to conventional packing bags?

February 19th, 2018

Did we say Garbage Bags as packing material? Why not!! If you are Packing and Moving on a short notice and don’t know where to get your packing materials from, you’ve just found a saviour here in the form of Garbage Bags.

Seems like the most bizarre suggestion, but looks like your innocent looking Garbage Bag has a lot many uses than just carrying your trash! Read on and you’ll never look down on them as “just” trash bags.

While they may not be the best option if you are moving long distance for which you do have a reliable packer and mover service like Pikkol. But the garbage bags surely come handy if you a student or a bachelor, you have barely anything to move and are planning on packing and moving on your own.

Now that the Garbage Bag has earned some respect and gotten your attention, here’s what makes them a useful alternative to conventional packing bags.

1. Boot-Up: Garbage bags make perfect packing option for your slipper, shoes and boots. Just pair up your shoes and stuff them all into your Garbage bags, remember to put your dirty/soiled shoes into a separate cover before putting them in. All your special pairs of shoes that you keep in shoeboxes can go into the bags as well don’t forget to tape those boxes before you put them in.

2. Bagging those Hangers:Clothes like coats and dresses that you usually have on hangers can be packed into Garbage Bags as they are. Take a large garbage bag, put all the clothes that are on the hangers in them, with the hangers sticking out at the open end. Seal the open end of the garbage bag with a twine or a tape, tie up the hangers too with a band or a twine. You’d find this the most convenient way to pack and unpack your clothes.

3. Bedding and Linen:Your bedroom linen like Pillows, Bed sheets, Comforters and Quilts can be packed away quite easily in large Garbage bags. This way they are lesser chances of them getting wet or soiled while in transit. Just remember to add some mothball in while packing.

4. Kiddie Stuff:Yet another fantastic use of Garbage Bags are to pack your kids dolls, stuffed toys and non-breakable toys.

A lot of your Kitchen Supplies, Garden Accessories and many other such things can go in the Garbage Bags, since they are flexible and don’t occupy much space. Remember not to pack anything with sharp edges, since they can tear the Bags.

Armed with a bunch of sizable Garbage Bags you are good to go! Happy packing!Trust us at Pikkol to give you some great ideas apart from great Packing & Moving solutions.