April 9th, 2018

Whether it is shifting in to your new home, moving in to your new business space, transporting your car or storage services; at Pikkol we understand that relocation is not an easy process. Even if you find the right mover, you have to involve yourself and supervise the process yourself. From deciding whether you want to move on your own or if you want to hire a packers and movers company; it is still going to involve quite a few steps. Researching and identifying the right mover, relocating your goods at affordable process without any damage.

Read on to find out some quick tips that we strongly recommend for starters before you plan and decide on home shifting, car transportation, storage or shifting your office space.

1. Allocate a pre fixed budget for your move. This enables easy planning for the rest of the moving process.

2. The moving cost depends on factors like distance, volume, weight of goods, season, days of moving etc

3. Proper planning and starting in advance is key to smooth and easy relocation.

4. Create a prior checklist and tick off in order as and when you complete each of the tasks from the list.

5. Prepare a list of items that you need to move and ensure to get quotes from multiple companies to help compare and finalize.

6. Evaluate the packing company not just based on the cost but after a thorough research of all factors involved.

7. As much as you find it convenient to move over a weekend due to free time, it may cost you slightly higher than moving on weekdays.

8. Pack similar items in one box but ensure not to over pack to avoid goods from getting damaged.

9. Cover large items like mattress, sofa set, dining table and chairs with plastic or old clothes like a bed sheet to protect from dust.

10. It is a good idea to have pictures of major and expensive items to ensure you can claim it later if there is any kind of damage or scratches.

11. Dry your refrigerator, washing machine and other electronic equipments before moving because moisture and dampness can damage electronic goods.

12. Give preference to movers who have branches at source and destination cities of your movement in inter-city.

13. Make sure all the furniture and other essential goods can be accommodated in your new house properly and comfortably.

14. Unpack only the essential boxes first. The rest of the boxes can be unpacked at a later stage and at leisure.

15. Room wise unpacking is always good. Unpack and place all the items in their relevant places.

There is a lot you need to handle and deal with in the entire moving process starting from packing, unpacking and getting all your stuff to fit in the right places at your new home. Pikkol packers and movers is here only to make this as easy as possible so that moving in to your dream home actually turns out to be a pleasant reality.