5 Important Tips To Move Affordably

5 Important Tips To Move Affordably

April 26th, 2021

Foresee a move in your not-so-distant future? Start planning your budget now because your move can be a pain in the neck and wallet without meticulous planning. This blog will help you find ways to save money when you are moving. So before you begin packing up boxes, check out these expert tips for moving on a budget:

1. Declutter & Donate/Sell the excess.

Gather unneeded items that you no longer use and consider if these items are worth the time, cost, and headache to move to your new home. If not, opt to either sell or donate them. You can sell online using marketplace apps like Olx or Quikr(Add live link) and pocket the cash for moving expenses. To donate from the convenience of your home, you can opt for organisations like SADS which can schedule a pickup right from your doorstep. Thrift shops are also an option for quick and effortless donating. This way, you will end up minimising the packing and transportation costs and bring a positive and happier change in the lives of the needy.

2. Choose Packing Supplies Wisely

Indeed, you can’t live without boxes and packaging material during a move, but you don’t have to spend big bucks on them if you are moving on your own. For this, you can try getting boxes for free from liquor or grocery shops to save money when you are self- relocating. Remember that your household items like clothes, pillows, socks, kitchen towels, etc., can do a similar job as professional packing materials at no cost.

But it’s always advisable to hire a professional company for packing your stuff as they hold years of expertise and experience. You remain sorted as they take care of all the packing supplies and ensure your articles reach safe and scratch-free. At Pikkol, our team of well-trained professionals ensure your belongings are properly packed, despite shape and size.

3. Call Out Professional Packers & Movers.

Professional Packers & Movers come with a cost, but they can save you many headaches with speediness and efficiency. It’s advisable to take quotes from several moving companies, compare and pick one. Always finalise professional moving services when you relocate, as they carry a legacy behind them, and their handful of experience helps in swift-moving.

Pikkol Professional Packers and Movers offers a free customised quote to make this easier. Our robust protocols around safe & timely delivery make your move a hassle-free experience.

Pro Tip - Check for any freebies like packing tape, boxes, or other moving materials within the declared quote.

4. Check out for the best move time.

If possible, try to avoid moving during the peak season. Not only are off-season rates lower, but it’s also easier to schedule the move. Similarly, the time of the month also matters if you are hiring movers. For instance, most rental leases roll over at the end of the month; moving mid-month could get you a cheaper rate. Even on the weekends, rates also tend to be higher, so schedule your move during weekdays if the dates are flexible.

Pro Tip - To score the best deal on your rate and save money when moving, book your dates with movers during low demand and high availability.

5. Keep it Simple

Do not get overwhelmed with the thought of moving to your new home. Plan things simply yet beautifully. To keep your sanctity intact during the transition, it’s essential to keep a bird’ eye view of your move plan. Start the process in time, and don’t leave things for the last minute. Check all the details, right from packing to unpacking with the professional moving company, to avoid last-minute surprises.

Happy Moving!!

Sreeju Sreekumar