Best practices to know while moving within a city

Best practices to know while moving within a city

March 26th, 2018

Hassle free moves are no longer a myth!!

Yes you heard it right!!

Pikkol understands that you spend sleepless nights worrying about your valuables. But don't worry any more!!

Pikkol strictly follows standardised packing procedures which ensure that your valuables are intact. The videos below will give you a correct picture of our standardized practises which we follow, no matter what!!

At Pikkol, we ensure that we take care of the environment while we safely move your valuables from one place to another.For this purpose, we have specially designed Packing Blankets to carry your electronic appliances safely.These blankets have cushions which ensure there is no jerk or pull felt directly on the appliance. Also they are reusable, hence are environment friendly.

Stretch Films are used to keep the items tightly bound. They also increase the degree of tamper and pilferage resistance thereby rendering the package being water and dust proof.

Bubble Wrap acts as a cushioning material that’s perfect for protecting your electronics and popping your stress away. Also, the anti-static bubble wraps are designed to have low surface resistivity to protect goods from any kind of damage caused by static electricity.

Moving intracity is different to moving to another state. compare and make the right decisions. Beware of the hidden costs,there are so many ways a mover can charge you after the relocation is done.Being relocation experts, for us every move is unique and hence we use customized boxes and tapes to ensure that your needs are catered to perfectly.

So next time, “Think of moving, Think of Pikkol”