Intracity Moving Tips

Intracity Moving Tips

March 17th, 2017

Moving from one house to another in the same city may not be as difficult as shifting to another city, but it still needs a lot of planning, preparation and careful execution. If the distance between your existing and new homes is not much, then you can manage to move quite quickly. However, if you are shifting to another side of the city altogether, then the process will be a lot lengthier and the complexities involved will be more.

Things to remember while moving within the city:

• Get acquainted with the new locality: before shifting, visit your new house a few times to understand the neighbourhood well and also to find out the shortest and congestion-free route to it from your existing house. This knowledge will come in very handy during the shifting process, since you might need to make several trips between the two houses transporting delicate and fragile items. Knowledge of the shortest route will help you to save a lot of fuel.Additionally, you can also guide your mover while the transportation is being done.

• Hire an expert mover: You have two choices for completing your move within the city: either do the shifting by yourself, or hire a professional packing and moving company, who will happily help you to shift. If you are a busy person or do not want the hassle of a move, then the 2nd option is most convenient, as every task related to shifting is then carried out by the professional moving company, without you having to do a thing.

One word of caution here: there are many moving companies who will make tall claims and offer you very cheap rates, but will fail to do the work satisfactorily. Before hiring a company, thoroughly check their credentials, so that you do not have to face any problems later.

• Make a list: take note of the things that you would need to move to your new house. There will be invariably some things in your household, which you don’t need any more. Decide whether you would want to sell them off, discard them or take them with you anyway.

• Start early: though shifting within the city can be done at a very short notice, it definitely helps to start early. This will give you ample time to complete the essential tasks like giving notice to your landlord, getting your new house ready, packing, arranging for a truck, etc.

• Choose your packing materials carefully: since your belongings will be transported in a truck or a similar vehicle, they might get damaged, scratched or may even become unusable if you do not pack them properly before moving them. While most of us know this fact, what is not so commonly known is that the packing material for every item cannot be the same.

For example, the material that you can use to back your sofa with may not be very suitable for packing your music system on television. Since the music system or television can easily get damaged, there has to be extra protection given to them. And even bigger layer of protection has to be given to the delicate items like the crystal showpieces that you have displayed in your drawing room.

Understanding which packing material to use will take a lot of research from your part. The best way to avoid such hassle is to ask the professional moving company like Pikkol to do the needful for you. They have expert teams who handle over8000intercity and intercity household moves in a year. You can blindly trust them to ensure that your goods reach the new house in perfect shape.

• Hire a truck: if you’re really planning to shift all by yourself, then speak to a truck operator and book them. You may also want to hire someone to help you with loading and unloading. Doing everything on your own requires a lot of effort and time commitment. Take proper leave from your employer so that you are able to concentrate on the moving process fully.

• Understand the rules regarding truck movement: if you are shifting in another part of the city, then it is most likely that there would be restrictions on the movement of trucks during the daytime. Thus, you may need to plan your shifting schedules accordingly. You would obviously not want to violate the truck movement rules, and get fined by the local police.

• Transfer the utilities first: since you will be moving within the same city, you can probably ask your telephone, Internet and gas connections to be shifted to the new address. Make the applications quite early, so that you already have these by the time you reach your new house. Try to schedule the shifting dates in such a way that you do not have to stay without these utilities for more than a few days.

These are the few points that you should keep in mind while shifting to another house within the same city. If you have any further question or find it difficult to manage the move on your own, the friendly team of Pikkol is available to give you a helping hand. Please feel free to contact us for any requirements that you might have.