Moving to Bangalore? 9 things you should know about the Silicon Valley of India

Moving to Bangalore? 9 things you should know about the Silicon Valley of India

May 17th, 2015

Planning to shift to Bangalore? Go through the list to know more about your city to be and become a true Bangalorean

1. Saturday Saturday

Its Saturday night and you want to go out and party? Worry not. Bangalore boasts of being the pub capital of India and highest number of pubs in Asia!!!

2. Shop till you drop

Bangalore is surely the place for shopaholics. Be it MG Road, Commercial street or the posh areas of UB city, it is definitely the shopper’s paradise.

3. Weekend getaways

After a tiring week at work, all we want is a relaxing weekend. That is when we head for places like Coorg, Pondicherry, Kodaikanal, and Mysore. You have a weekend; we have a vacation!!

4. Kaam is no Aaraam

Known as the silicon valley of India, Bangalore serves as the nation’s leading IT exporter. Working here is no joke my friend!

5. Food porn

You love people? We love food! Bangalore can never run out places to satisfy your taste buds. From street food at Khao Gali to the exquisite cuisines at Marriott, we have it all.

6. The breeze

With cool people all over the city, it’s always cool in Bangalore. Its’ breathtaking climate attracts people from all over the country to shift here.

7. Whaatt are you saying bro?

Illa, maadi,houdu,yestu. Goes all above your head? We say it’s okay! English is the language preferred- from the auto drivers to the panwala’s, they all know the lingua franca

8. It’s raining

Rain rain go away come again another day, is what Bangaloreans humm. Bangalore rains are like the professors who come before time and surprisingly we like them!!

9. Horn ok Please

One thing that we Bangaloreans absolutely hate about this city is its crazy traffic. Apart from being the city with most number of pubs, it’s also the one with highest density of traffic in India. From Hebbal to Koramangala, it’s everywhere.

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