Intercity-Blog Video

Intercity-Blog Video

March 23rd, 2018

When shifting houses, electronic appliances must be packed in a way that they are least affected by all the movement which is going to occur during transportation. Chances of damage are high in intercity moves. Using the right packing materials is a key to successful relocation.

The best practice is to remove all the items from the fridge and defrost the refrigerator/freezer before the move is scheduled. Removing items from the fridge is necessary before the move because if anything is left inside, it might rattle around and shift the weight.

The inside of the refrigerator needs to be filled with tissues or paper so that all the leftover moisture is absorbed. Any little moisture remaining can result into the formation of mold within.

Corrugated Sheets and Cardboard ensures that the outer body of the refrigerator is protected from any physical damage.

The position in which the refrigerator is carried is of utmost importance to prevent any internal machine from getting damaged. The carrying position is totally dependent on correct markings of upright position.In case of incorrect position there are chances that the compressor can be damaged or the oil can be leaked.

Upright position-compressor bracket is designed to absorb the vibrations from the compressor while the refrigerator is on and in an upright position. Therefore, if the appliance is transported horizontally, vibrations which occur during transportation which will place a lateral strain on the bracket, potentially causing damage to the refrigerator.

Most damages can be prevented by choosing the right packers and movers