Frequently damaged items (and how to avoid damaging them)

We fervently hope that our moving process goes by smoothly. However, a little bit of carelessness can lead to unpleasant scenarios. We have put together a list of the top items that are frequently damaged during relocation. And here’s how you can prevent it.



This is the most vulnerable of your belongings. It needs to be properly protected. The boxes you use for packing these items must be sturdy and in a good condition. Pack every item individually. Use bubble wrap and cover them well. Place them in the box. Provide padding to fill up the empty spaces in the box. This will keep the items in place. Old clothes, towels and socks can be used as padding. Tape the box securely and mark it as fragile. This way whoever is moving the box will be extra careful with it.

Electronic goods

The original packing can provide the best protection to your TV, computer etc. If you don’t have the original packing with you then find similar-sized boxes. Detach the cords, wrap the items with thick clothes and place them in the box with extra padding. Mark these boxes as fragile. Load them into the van in such a way that these boxes don’t need to be shifted further.


Art is usually delicate. It is a good idea to insure your art pieces before moving. If the paintings are framed with glass then put an X on it with masking tape. This will prevent the glass from cracking. Cover the top with cardboard or a thick mat. Pack with bubble wrap. Use a box slightly larger than the painting.


Prune and prep your plants for the move. Place the plants in a proper box and provide padding between the pots. Punch holes in the box. Tall plants can be covered with plastic bags. Punch some holes in these bags as well. Remove the plastic as soon as you reach your new home and water them.

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