Go Forth and Buy!!

Dear Pikku,

I recently came across a website with great deals for used goods. How can I ensure that I get the best deals without getting scammed? If I buy an item from someone who is in Yelahanka, what is the best way to transport it?


Aarti, (Indira Nagar) Bangalore


Hello Aarti,

There are quite a few websites like OLX and Quickr which deal with the selling and buying of second-hand goods. Though many of the listings may be genuine, you can’t rule out the possibility of getting scammed. Take precautions while buying things from any stranger online. There are tell-tale signs. Here are some of the things you can watch out for:

Generic photos

Sometimes the pictures can look too good to be true. If you plan on buying a king-sized bed and see a picture of a bed that is straight out of a Victorian novel, then you need to beware. Avoid buying from those who put up generic product photos. There is a good chance that the product won’t look anything like that.

Ridiculously good deals

You need to stay away if the listing seems too good to be true. It always helps to take a good look around and see at what prices similar products are selling for. There is definitely something wrong if a 190 L refrigerator is being sold for Rs. 1000.

Spelling mistakes

If there are too many grammatical and spelling mistakes in the listing, then it is better to avoid it. It can be someone abroad who is using an auto-translator to post the ad. It can also mean that the person who is selling doesn’t really care about the process.

If you are buying something that is too big to be sent through courier, you can check out the Pikkol app or website. We undertake small truck hires for second-hand items. So what are you waiting for? Shop away.