In the heart of the city which is asphyxiating on its own exponential growth, Richards Town is the kind of place which one only reads in fairy tales. Having wide, cobbled footpaths, broad roads lined with trees in the midst of fresh air, this place is home to several lovely bungalows with large, green courtyards.

Richards Town is around a hundred years old, providing an interesting instance of European architecture and town planning.

This town is one of the several towns that make up the Garden City, with the other towns being Frazer Town, Cox Town, Cleveland Town, Benson Town, Pottery Town, Cooke Town, Langford Town, and some more little ones. This place has several bungalows which belong to many influential people of Bangalore.

Apart from these landmarks, there are several other tourist spots and attractions that add to the beauty of this place. The Holy Ghost Church, which is believed to look like an eagle from the skies, is one of the most famous churches in the city. The Mizbah Telugu Church, which was initially one of the possessions of the Ceylonese mission, is also located in this place.

Richards Town is a place where people of every religion coexist, therefore, there are several mosques and temples here as well. The crowds find their way into the Durga Mandir, Hanuman Temple, Sri Annamma Temple, Nimishamba Temple, and Kasi Vishweshwara Temple every morning and evening.

This place is also home to Apaulogy, a famous cartoon gallery in which the several framed cartoons feature Bangalore of the sixties and seventies. The cartoons of the famous cartoonists Mona Webber and Paul Fernandes are displayed here.

A busy place with several medical institutions, educational institutions, banks, hotels, and other facilities, this place has been able to provide itself efficiently.

About Pikkol Packers and Movers in Richards Town, Bangalore

We are, simply put, a group of individuals sharing a common vision of ushering in a new wave of change in the way the Indian relocation industry operates by bringing in the much needed standardization of various parameters including safety, accountability, professionalism and unmatched service experience at affordable rates for packers and movers.

Pikkol, conceived as the brain child of a group of enterprising young men in April 2015, operates as a move manager service platform where customers can search for a tailor-made solution for their relocation needs. Founded and managed by IIM Alumni, Pikkol’s mission is to make every move happening in India be a hassle-free happymoving experience to bring in customer delight. .

The most hassle-free move booking experience is made possible by the world’s first ever true instant relocation charge auto-quoting engine developed. This technological marvel calculates your move quote after you enter your move details. The system generated quote makes the pricing completely transparent. The additional option of customizing the quote online truly demonstrates that customer is indeed, the king. Pikkol is the only platform where the customer is encouraged to benefit from the dynamic pricing nature of packers and movers industry. .

Unlike a marketplace where your requirement is passed over to any vendor, Pikkol truly cares about your move and deploys specially trained teams for the service execution. Teams are trained on best practices followed in Packing, unpacking, handling, transportation, safety, etiquette and operating technology. May it be house shifting or vehicle shifting, the teams are well equipped and trained to safely handle your belongings during loading, unloading and transportation. .

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Packers and Movers in Richards Town, Bangalore

An expert professional packer and mover in Bangalore is equally important when you are considering an intra-city move. Moving of household goods can be a cumbersome process and cause a whole lot stress to the person moving, if you are to moving within the city. Pikkol Packers and Movers with their experience in both local and inter-city can ease the trouble of moving locally. With our motto of making shifting and relocation easy, hassle free and at affordable costs, Pikkol Packers and Movers can make relocation a pleasurable experience. With our skill and expertise in the field of moving, relocation needn’t be a laborious task for you.

While considering an intra - city relocation in Bangalore, a person definitely requires an efficient and professional packing and moving service. Shifting within the city is a cumbersome procedure in itself, and no one would want to take the extra burden of shifting the household belongings as well.

That is why, we, at PIKKOL Packers and Movers, work with the aim of assisting you with the relocation so that it becomes a lot less tiresome. Since we are experienced at providing both local and intercity moving services, we promise you that your shifting process will be a lot more comfortable. Cost effective and trouble free, PIKKOL Packers and Movers, with an extraordinary skill and expertise in the area of shifting, will definitely make sure that you don't find your moving process a laborious task.

Best Packing and Moving Company in Richards Town, Bangalore

If you are looking for an efficient and pocket friendly packing and moving service in Richards Town, PIKKOL is the perfect one for you. Providing every detail about the packing standards and delivery time, PIKKOL provides you with your shipment process with efficiency. Whether it is your dream home or the perfect office space, this packing and moving company is at your service, catering to each one of your needs. Trust us with your relocation and rest assured!

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Tannery Rd Water Tank, Arabic College Main Road, Richards Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Shampura Main Road, Richards Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

232 CFT

3 People


₹ 8696


Anand Nagar, Aswath Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Richards Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

449 CFT

4 People


₹ 6830

Savings ₹ 2185


Davis Road, Richards Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Davis Road, Richards Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

534 CFT

4 People


₹ 11469

Savings ₹ 1835