On-demand Warehousing Services

  • Long-term and short-term storage
  • Weather and pest proof packing
  • Specialized handling equipment
  • 24X7 electronic surveillance enabled facilities
  • Climate controlled storage on request

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Handling all your warehousing requirements

You may not be able to take everything you want to all places. But you can always come back to it

Have you got an international project which requires you to stay abroad or in a different city for a few months? What do you plan to do with your belongings? It certainly does not make much sense to shift them for such a short time if you are certain that ultimately you will be moving back to India soon.

You will also not want to pay the rent of the house in which you currently stay, just to keep your belongings there. Apart from the unnecessary costs, there will be safety concerns too. Your house might get burgled while you are away, causing a loss of your precious belongings.

If you are facing a situation like this, then the warehousing services of PIKKOL are for you. We provide both short term and long term warehouse services for your household items so that you can stay worry free during your stay away from the city. Store your belongings the smart way with Pikkol.

Store items such as excess company brochures, printed pieces, stationery, furniture and other fungibles at our wareshousing facilities. Access as much or as little of these items whenever you need.

All our warehouses are under 24x7 electronic surveillance, and only our expert movers are allowed to handle them. We do everything to ensure that your belongings remain safe during your stay away from the city.

Everything you need to know about On-demand Warehousing

Pre warehousing

  • You can get a free quotation for the warehousing services from our website.

  • The quotes for warehousing can be customised based on the duration and volume required for storage.

  • We will prepare a computerized list of the items that are to be stored, and a copy is provided to you.

  • The items are safely packed and waterproofing layers are applied for extra safety.

During warehousing

  • The packages are transported to the warehouse and stored in the designated racks and crates.

  • 24x7 surveillance is provided to ensure safety.

  • All items are handled with care to ensure safety

  • The packages are cleaned from time to time to keep them spic and span.

Post warehousing

  • The boxes are taken out of the warehouse once you intimate us about your desire to end the warehousing.

  • We will transport the packages back to you once you are back in town.

  • On your request, we can also provide you unpacking and rearrangement services.

Locations We Serve

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