The only turnkey solution for commercial space relocation

  • Comprehensive project planning
  • Project in-charge as SPOC
  • Inspection and Scope of Work creation
  • Securing permissions
  • Documentation support
  • Efficient dismantling and stacking
  • Furniture, fixtures and Equipment uninstallation
  • Secure and safe packing and transportation
  • Civil works in store
  • On-demand storage
  • Salvageable classification and Debris disposal

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Relocating a retail store can be quiet a daunting task for the brands especially if the store is located inside a mall or an upscale high-street. In addition to operational challenges, the timing of a store relocation have key business implications. The stores need to remain open for the maximum time to maximize sales. However, a typical store relocation have to relocate the merchandise, dismantle Furniture, segregate and transport salvageable, and do the necessary civil work to render the store in bareshell condition as it was let out. If these tasks are not planned well and executed immaculately, the brand will run the risk of paying dead rent to the lessor due to overshooting the tenancy period, not to mention the time period for acquiring the necessary permissions and documentation done from governing bodies.

Pikkol offers the first ever turnkey solution for retail store relocation across geographies in India. Our specialized project management expertise ensures every retail store relocation is done efficiently while preserving interests of various stakeholder

Pre-move planning: All factors which are affecting the move are identified and accounted for a time bound plan. The project Manager will work cloely with the Projects team, marketing team and logistics team from client side. They also work with external agencies like the Lessor, Building/Facility Management teams and other governing bodies to keep the timelines.

Pre-packing stage: Once the merchandise is moved to warehouse and the store is ready to be moved, the area is cordoned off and skilled workers like Electricians and carpenters start to dismantle the Furniture, fixtures and equipment. Usually in malls, working during business hours are not allowed. But if visually isolated, the FF&E dismantling can be done during business hours. Once dismantled, the items are ready for packing and the team takes over.

Packing: A retail store FF&E are of commercial use and require special packing for each and every item. Using skilled packers are crucial or the chances of damage increase exponentially for improperly packed items. Many fragile and unconventional items are to be transported and the need for sturdy packing cannot be stressed more. Pikkol uses the best quality packing material developed exclusively for the brand. Customized packing for various components are used to ensure each and every piece receive the care it demands. Skilled packers packs, seals and labels the items, making them transport ready.

Handling and Transport: The packed items are loaded into the truck designated for the load and secured. Special equipment are used to handle the items to minimize stress on loaders and reduce chances of damage by human error. Load is secured inside the truck before it is sent to the destination.

Civil works: Once the store is vacated, the civil team will move in and start converting the unit back to its bareshell state as per the requirement. This part being noisy, is done only during after-hours so as not to intrude into business hours.

Documentation: All instances of documentations are taken care of including securing permissions from various stakeholders, the inventory lists, salvageable lists, etc. and updates are reported timely.

On-demand warehousing: Pikkol also provides on demand warehousing services if the packed items need to be stored till it is moved to its next destination.

Steps involved in a Commercial space relocation

Pre Move

  • Instant and free pre-planing service is provided by us.

  • We will provide a retail store survey and relocation consultation on request

  • Computerized inventory list is made listing every item in your store

  • A dedicated project manager is assigned to facilitate the entire shifting process

During the Move

  • Carpenters, electricians, cleaners, etc are provided for easy dismantling of your racks, furniture, and electrical items.

  • Every item is packed with superior quality packing materials for safety

  • Logistics services are provided by us to complete the move on time.

  • Regular updates on the various status are provided on time

Post Move

  • Coordinating re-installation and re-assembly of every item carefully.

  • Furniture rearrangement services are provided.

  • On demand warehousing facility is provided on demand to provide flexibility during the relocation.

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