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Pre-move services

Home Search

Locating a nice home in the most appropriate location ie. close to the work place, close to schools and not too far from the CBD are primary concerns of a person moving cities or countries. We understand this and our team understands the Indian property market well.Specially from the perspective of expats or NRIs who are used to a whole lot of conveniences which are not always understood by real estate brokers. It is this aspect of understanding the nuances of a family who has either returned to India or moving to India for the first time – we help them find homes with conveniences as well as ease of access .

Immigration Services

When people are moving from one country to another, the key to an efficient move is to ensure that they are legally able to work or live in their new environment within the shortest possible time. For this it is essential to abide by all the immigration and visa requirements of the country to which the client is moving. At Hybrid we provide visa, immigration guidance and assistance. We coordinate and manage the visa and immigration process efficiently with the relevant authorities on behalf of the relocating client. We liaise with the HR Department of the clients’ company as well as the local government authorities to ensure that all visa and immigration permits are compliant with local requirements. And we provide these services such that the client is able to work with the minimum possible disruption. Under Immigration services we provide Visa applications, Work permit processing, Re-entry permit, Notarization of documents and other legal documentation to ensure the client’s effortless mobility from one country to another.

Virtual Consultation

Our move consultant can call you via a video call to understand all requirements and resolve queries with respect to your move related process. Every move is special and every person has special needs. We CARE for those needs!

In-House Consultation

Our move consultant will meet you personally, understand all requirements and resolve queries with respect to your move and custom related process. Every move is special and every person has special needs. We CARE for those needs.

Preview & Orientation Tip

At Hybrid, we extend customized solutions to help remove the stress associated with relocation. We help our corporate clients, assignees, and their families with everything. We devise customer centric programs to introduce the client to what life is like in a host country. This includes tours across the specific city to which they would be relocating, visits to appropriate schools, residential areas, malls and other places of entertainment etc. This ensures that the client has the appropriate level of information to assess the suitability of an international assignment before he or she actually makes the move to the new country. We completely take care of all preparations for the intended move once it is confirmed. In this way we ensure that our clients face least amount of pre move stress

During Transit

Home Protection

Worried about the vacant house once you move abroad? We at Pikkol offer a cost-effective and convenient way to insure your vacant or rented place against the consequences of any loss.

Personal Property Protection

We have also collaborated with channel partners to ensure your belongings are insured.

Transit Protection

Pikkol also offers transit protection to give you peace of mind during the overseas move.

Transport Methods & Storage

We understand that you might plan to store some stuff & transport the other based on your requirements & availability. At Pikkol, all our team members are thoroughly trained and process-perfected to offer best-in-class transport & storage facilities.

At Destination

Destination Settling-in

On arrival, Pikkol offers a range of settling-in services to help you make your house look like a ‘home’ and allow you to start your life as usual.

Language Training

Once you move, the language can be a huge barrier. Pikkol, with our channel partners, can help you arrange the language trainers or translators.

Intercultural training

When you move overseas, cultural differences make it challenging to adjust to a new country. We collaborate with our channel partners to help you get training to minimise intercultural differences.