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Pikkol Packers and Movers Domestic Relocation

Pikkol truck hiring services

Pikkol offers truck hiring and rental services across India, handling all kinds of transportation and moving requirements. Use our services to move goods, household items or office equipment within the same city or to another city. We also offer interstate moving services. We cater to different load sizes, locations, and budgets. No matter what your logistics requirement is, our truck rental service is here to deliver!

As a premium moving company in India, we, at Pikkol, strive to provide hassle-free shipping and seamless logistics solutions for all your moving needs across India. Our commitment to quality, proven expertise, and trusted network helps serve our clients with customised solutions for their relocation needs. At Pikkol, we drive reliability and safety to drive efficiency and operational excellence.

Pikkol: seamless truck hiring process

We offer end-to-end relocation services across residential, commercial and industrial sectors. So, whether you need to move your household goods or office furniture, we have got you covered! At Pikkol, we strive to offer complete transparency and have simplified the truck hiring process for you.

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Pikkol truck-hiring Unique Selling Points

Pikkol truck hiring unique selling points

With a quality vehicle fleet, exceptional service commitment and rich industry experience, Pikkol promises to deliver customised and economical transportation solutions to match your expectations and exceed industry benchmarks. We aim to craft a perfect solution for you by keeping your budget in mind. Some of the advantages that we offer include:
  • Flexibility to rent the truck of your choice
  • Instant, cost-effective quotations
  • Licensed and experienced drivers
  • Assurance for the safety and security of your goods
  • 24*7 customer service support
  • Round the clock pick up and delivery services
  • Value-added relocation services

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We are trusted by many

With our mission to make every relocation a happy experience, coupled with our company-wide institutionalized best practices, Pikkol has emerged as a preferred choice for your domestic relocation requirements.


Frequently asked questions about truck hiring

Do you provide insurance for the goods ?

Yes. We have a damage cover policy using which you can insure your goods while moving. You may avail this service by informing your dedicated move manager or through the website.

Are your truck drivers professionals ?

Yes. All of our moving staff undergo a rigorous training program to ensure that they offer the best in class service to our customers.

How do I find a Truck driver to hire ?

You simply have to share your requirements with us on our website. Basis your relocation requirements, we will identify the right truck size for your movement.

When moving from storage to a new home, is it easier to hire movers, rent a truck, or take it piece by piece ?

Once your new house is ready, its definitely easier to hire movers as their experts will deliver all the goods at your new home safely and helps in unpacking and arrangement of items including furniture and electronics.

Is it worth hiring a full service moving company vs renting a truck when moving a long distance ?

Yes. It's definitely worth involving a full service moving company as it involves a lot of complexities while moving long distance. Renting the truck is just one of the aspects of the move considering the overall scope of services offered by the moving company. Professional moving companies like Pikkol offer end-to-end services to ensure safety and compliance for the movement of your goods. The reliability and trustworthiness of the truck operations offered by professional moving companies is one of the key aspects while evaluating a long distance move to avoid any last minute surprises.

Get a preview of how we pack your goods

sofa packing (intercity move)

Sofa Packing ( Intercity Move )

The first thing you want to do once moving into your new home will be to sit and feel that familiar comfort of your favourite corner on your sofa. See how we make that happen.

refrigerator packing (intercity move)

Refrigerator Packing ( Intercity Move )

Pikkol packers and movers ensures that handling and packing are impeccable by assigning only the most trained professional for your move and ensure that refrigerator reaches damage-free.

television packing (intercity move)

Television Packing ( Intercity Move )

Safe packing is the key to ensure a safe, damage-free move for your TV. See how Pikkol packers and movers professionals make your TV ready for a safe intercity travel.

fragile crockery packing (intercity move)

Fragile Crockery Packing ( Intercity Move )

Your valuable crockery collections are always close to your heart and are priceless to you. See how Pikkol packers and movers handle them to ensure they are moved safely.

motorcycle packing (intercity move)

Motorcycle Packing ( Intercity Move )

Every motorcycle owner demands the best of care for their bike when its moved to a new city. Pikkol packers and movers understand all the special care required to transport a motorcycle safely.

cot packing (move within city)

Cot Packing ( Moving within city )

The first thing you want to do once moving into your new home will be to sit and feel that familiar comfort of your favourite corner on your sofa. See how we make that happen.

refrigerator packing (moving within city)

Refrigerator Packing ( Moving within city )

Pikkol packers and movers deploys well trained professionals to handle your packing and moving so as to ensure that your refrigerator reaches you damage-free.

television packing (moving within city)

Television Packing ( Moving within city )

You may not want to miss the late-night game of your favourite club on the day of move. Our packers and movers teams ensure your TV is packed such that it is safe and ready at your new home.