PikkolCare cover for Intercity Vehicle moves

Pikkol is a technology-oriented relocation services provider. Pikkol teams are trained and conditioned to ensure safe and secure handling of vehicles before and after they are in transit. We have taken every precaution to reduce the risks of loss and damage when handling your vehicle. While we are proud to have one of the best records for damage-free relocations in the industry, it is important to recognize that there are still very real risks.

Transit Protection

Although Pikkol takes every precaution to eliminate risk, it is important to note that your vehicle will be traveling in a truck, the movement of which carries inherent risks. By placing an order on pikkol.com, you understand the risks involved. PikkolCare, our damage cover product offers full repair/refund cost coverage, as per the terms and conditions.

PikkolCare Transit program is additionally underwritten by "Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd.”

Why purchase transit protection?

Protecting your vehicle against the possibility of damage is a wise decision. Even though Pikkol takes every precaution to eliminate risk, you will appreciate that the distance involved, coupled with the rigors of transit, means that damages to your vehicle may occur. Therefore, Pikkol strongly recommends transit protection to ensure that you are duly compensated for any damage which may occur.

What all do you need to do?

Vehicles must be very specifically declared and valued on the Inventory Form. You should declare the actual cash value of the vehicle at destination, taking into consideration the age and condition of your automobile, motorcycle or boat. Please note that the value of imported automobiles, motorcycles or boats may be considerably greater than the value at origin.

The value of non-factory installed accessories must also be listed separately as they can affect the true value. Examples of such items include: sound systems, security systems, special tires/wheels and motors (for boats). When you release your vehicle to Pikkol, make sure a “certificate of condition“ is completed and agreed to. This will be the proof of the condition of your vehicle at the time you surrendered it to Pikkol. When your vehicle is received at destination, you should compare this original form to the condition of the vehicle and note any differences in writing. The onus will remain with the customer to show that improper handling of the automobile by the packing team was the reason for the damage.