PikkolCare cover for Intra-city moves

Terms & Conditions

We take every precaution to reduce the risks of loss and damage when handling your things during packing, transporting, delivering, unpacking and storing. While we’re proud to have one of the best records for damage free relocations in the industry, it is important to recognize that there are still risks. That is why we offer this protection for items you have selected for packing by us.

Under this plan you can avail damage cover of up to two times your move value. The damage cover applies to appliances, and furniture that you have selected for packing by the Pikkol team. In case you have availed PikkolCare for within-the- city movement, we will try to repair/replace/refund up to a maximum of two times your move value less service tax.

If an appliance with value of Rs. 15,000/- gets damaged during the move, we will try to repair it first. If it is not repairable by us we may choose to replace or refund the repair charges or refund the entire amount after our evaluation. The maximum liability under this plan is for up to two times the move value.

Should you note any issues upon delivery that fall under your PikkolCare, notify your move coordinator immediately before the team leaves your premises so that the damages can be ascertained. No claim can be entertained after the teams leave the premises after the delivery.

This plan is meant to cover major damages that customers may face during the move. Hence request your understanding in not reporting minor damages that occur in transportation.


There are certain events, circumstances and occurrences which may cause loss or damage that PikkolCare will not accept responsibility for. These denials are consistent with industry standards and include the following:

What if I will be shipping my Motorcycle or Automobile?

  • 1. Breakage, scratching, denting, chipping, staining and tearing of personal belongings.
  • 2. Items that have not been selected for packing by the Pikkol team.
  • 3. Owner-packed goods or pre-packed goods: Coverage excludes damages to owner- packed or pre-packed personal belongings. Also excludes missing items from owner-packed cartons or packages.
  • 4. Damage caused by wear and tear or gradual deterioration.
  • 5. In case gas leak happens while installing or uninstalling the air conditioner, the filling charges will not be included as part of the policy.
  • 6. Loss or damage caused by inherent vice, moths, vermin or changes in atmospheric or climatic conditions.
  • 7. Depreciation in value or aesthetics caused by substandard repairs.
  • 8. Radiation or radioactive contamination.
  • 9. Pairs & sets: The standard program will pay only for that part of a pair or set that is actually damaged or lost.
  • 10. Crockery & kitchen items: The coverage is not applicable for crockery, kitchen items, glassware and showpieces.
  • 11. God idols: The standard program excludes coverage for idols of gods and goddesses.
  • 12. Mechanical breakdown: The standard program excludes coverage for equipment, parts of equipment, vehicle or any part of vehicle that is discovered to be inoperable at your destination unless there is clear evidence of physical damage to the item itself or the shipping container. This is because derangement of electronics items can happen due to transit, due to gradual deterioration, wear and tear. So, the damage cover claim can be made only for exterior damage which makes the item non-functional.
  • 13. Materials made of particle board/chipboard/MDF will not be covered.
  • 14. Aesthetics of the goods: The policy does not guarantee restoration of aesthetics of the goods in any way.
  • 15. Mould & mildew: The standard program excludes coverage for damage to items caused by mould or mildew resulting from a change in atmospheric conditions during transit.
  • 16. Consequential loss: The policy will not cover consequential losses arising from the delay, damage or non-delivery of your shipments.
  • 17. Damage or loss of personal belongings in storage or transit due to terrorism/rioting.
  • 18. Creasing of clothing while packed for transit or storage. This is an inherent vice and will naturally occur.
  • 19. Deviation from original plan: PikkolCare transit insurance will not offer cover if customer changes plans for delivery/pickup, due to which the goods may be loaded or unloaded more times than planned/required from the truck.