PikkolCare cover for Intercity moves

Pikkol is a technology oriented relocation services provider. Pikkol teams are trained and conditioned to ensure safe and secure handling of goods before and after they are in transit. We have taken precautions to reduce the risks of loss and damage when handling your household items during packing, transporting, delivering, unpacking and storing. While we are proud to have one of the best records for damage-free relocations in the industry, it is important to recognize that there are still very real risks. This is why we offer comprehensive moving protection with policies that offer full Repair/Refund/Replacement cost coverage. Repair is undertaken to ensure functionality of the damaged goods and not aesthetics of the goods.

Transit Protection

Pikkol crew is trained to exercise care and treat customers with utmost respect and professionalism when packing, transporting, delivering and unpacking the personal belongings of the customer. We are proud to have one of the highest-rated records for claim-free relocations in the industry. Although Pikkol takes every precaution to eliminate risk, it is important to note that personal belongings will be traveling in a truck, the movement of which carry inherent risks. By placing an order on pikkol.com, you understand the risks involved. Pikkolcare, our damage cover product offers full repair/refund/replacement cost coverage, as per the terms and conditions explained below. Pikkolcare Transit program is additionally underwritten by a General insurance company for the transit portion under ITC-B/C.

Why purchase damage cover?

Protecting your personal belongings against the possibility of damage is a wise decision. Even though Pikkol takes every precaution to eliminate risk, you will appreciate that the distance involved, coupled with the rigors of transit, means that loss and/or damage to your personal belongings may occur. Therefore, Pikkol strongly recommends transit protection to ensure that you are duly compensated for any loss or damage that may occur.

What does the plan cover and what does it exclude?

Pikkol is offering comprehensive protection on a door-to-door basis subject to the Terms and Conditions contained herein. As with any coverage, this protection incorporates a number of exclusions, which are detailed in the Terms and Conditions. Please ensure that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions prior to agreeing to take up coverage under this program; this will help to avoid any unnecessary surprises under the rare circumstances should you need to make a claim.

Please consider that in the event of loss or damage to articles in your shipment, you will most likely be repairing or replacing these articles at the destination. For example, if your shipment is bound for Mumbai, replacement costs of goods of like kind and quality could be less than those in your origin city. Protection can be provided for most lawful items normally associated with the contents of your residence. Please do not declare a value for living things, perishables, money, securities, valuable papers, documents or data stored on tapes or disks as these items are excluded from protection. Pikkol suggests that you carry such articles with you or discuss alternative arrangements with your Move Coordinator.

Please note that you must be able to substantiate the value of any article that you have declared in your shipment. The value declared on your valuation form does not substantiate the true monetary value of the article. The depreciated value of the goods would be calculated as per the income tax norms of the time. The liability will be limited to the valuation declared on the form or the depreciated market value of the goods, whichever is found to be lower.

The process is to repair, replace or refund based on the depreciated value of the goods and based on the valuation declared prior to the move.  Only the items included prior to the move and valuations declared prior to the move will be covered under the process. In the event of damage, the item will be repaired provided the repair cost is lower than replacement cost or the value declared for the item. Repair is undertaken to ensure functionality of the damaged goods and not aesthetics of the goods.

In case the customer does not what the item to be repaired, the repair cost will be refunded to the customer. In case Pikkol is not able to arrange a repair, the cost of repair undertaken by the customer will be refunded subject to discretion and after verifying the costs. In case the item is reported to be beyond repair, then the item may be replaced or the depreciated value of the item, whichever is found to be lower, would be refunded upto a maximum of the value declared for the item.

What should I know before declaring the value for each item?

Please note that you must be able to substantiate the value of any article in your shipment. An antique chair is just an old chair unless you have substantiation in the form of an appraisal or a sales receipt. The value declared on your valuation form does not substantiate the true monetary value of the article. The depreciated value of the goods will be calculated as per the tax norms of the time.

What if I will be shipping my Motorcycle or Automobile?

These items must be very specifically declared and valued on the Inventory Form. You should declare the actual cash value of the vehicle at destination, taking into consideration the age and condition of your automobile, motorcycle or boat. Please note that the value of imported automobiles, motorcycles or boats may be considerably greater than the value at origin. The value of non-factory installed accessories must also be listed separately as they can affect the true value. Examples of such items include: sound systems, security systems, special tires/wheels and motors (for boats). When you release your vehicle to Pikkol, make sure a “certificate of condition” is completed and agreed to. This will be the proof of the condition of your vehicle at the time you surrendered it to Pikkol. When your vehicle is received at destination, you should compare this original form to the condition of the vehicle and note any differences in writing. The onus will remain with the customer to show that improper handling of the automobile by the packing team was the reason for the damage. Note also that your vehicle should not be used as a packing container. Pikkolcare will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to items packed within an automobile.

When does this protection begin?

Provided you have already requested valuation protection in writing from Pikkolcare, it begins at the time your shipment is started to be packed. If your goods were already packed or in storage when you requested protection, it begins at the time Pikkol receives your request in writing. In no case will coverage begin before your personal belongings began packing, before transport from storage began, or before you have submitted the signed forms. If your items are already packed, Pikkolcare will assume no liability for damage due to improper packing.

When does this protection end?

If you have requested transit protection on a door-to-door basis, coverage continues through the ordinary course of transit until your shipment is delivered and unloaded at your new residence. If your shipment is placed in storage for greater than the storage period provided in your plan, you should extend your protection and remit the appropriate charges to keep the plan in effect.

Storage cover extensions

Your coverage begins from the time your goods are professionally packed at your residence and continues during the ordinary course of transit, including customary trans-shipment, until the goods are finally delivered at the agreed final destination. The above duration of cover is deemed to include Seven days storage immediately after collection at origin warehouse and Seven days warehouse storage prior to delivery at final destination, provided always that the goods are stored at a premises of Pikkol and/or their agents. Please note that Self-storage ends delivery and any coverage. Storage cover can be extended beyond this period upon your written instruction and in consideration of an additional premium. In the case of long term storage, you may wish to review and update your cover periodically to ensure that it remains adequate. Please note that there is no free storage coverage period for storage shipments, local moves, local office moves or origin packing shipments. Are there any limitations or exclusions to this protection plan I should be aware of?


There are certain events, circumstances and occurrences which may cause loss or damage that Pikkolcare will not accept responsibility for.

These denials are consistent with industry standards and include the following:

  • 1. Scratching, denting, chipping, staining and tearing of personal belongings. Damage caused by wear and tear or gradual deterioration.
  • 2. Loss or damage caused by inherent vice, moths, vermin or changes in atmospheric or climatic conditions.
  • 3. Depreciation in value or aesthetics caused by substandard repairs.
  • 4. Radiation or radioactive contamination.
  • 5. Crockery and kitchen items: The coverage is not applicable for crockery, kitchen items, glassware and showpieces.
  • 6. Pairs and Sets: The standard program will pay only for that part of a pair or set that is actually damaged or lost.
  • 7. God Idols and Marble structures: The standard program excludes coverage for idols of gods and goddesses and marble structures.
  • 8. Mechanical Breakdown: The standard program excludes coverage for equipment, parts of equipment, vehicle or any part of vehicle that is discovered to be inoperable at your destination unless there is clear evidence of physical damage to the item itself or the shipping container.
  • 9. Materials made of particle board/chipboard/MDF will not be covered.
  • 10. Aesthetics of the goods: The policy does not guarantee restoration of aesthetics of the goods in any way.
  • 11. Mould and mildew: The standard program excludes coverage for damage to items caused by mould or mildew resulting from a change in atmospheric conditions during transit.
  • 12. Consequential Loss: The policy will not cover consequential losses arising from the delay, damage or non-delivery of your shipments.
  • 13. Damage or loss of personal belongings in storage or transit due to terrorism/rioting.
  • 14. Items that have not been selected for packing by the Pikkol team.
  • 15. Owner-packed goods or pre-packed goods: Coverage excludes excludes missing items from owner-packed cartons or packages.
  • 16. Deviation from original plan: PikkolCare transit insurance will not offer cover if customer changes plans for delivery/pickup, due to which the goods may be loaded or unloaded more times than planned/required from the truck.
  • 17. Creasing of clothing while packed for transit or storage. This is an inherent vice and will naturally occur.
  • 18. In case gas leak happens while installing or uninstalling the air conditioner, the filling charges will not be included as part of the policy. Any consumables such as copper pipes etc. are not covered under this program.
  • 19. As for vehicle, mechanical breakdown without physical damage, battery loose contact and battery damages/issues are not covered.

What should I do if I have a claim?

Should you note any issues upon delivery that fall under your PikkolCare Transit Protection coverage, notify your move coordinator before the delivery teams leave and he/she will provide you instructions regarding processing of your claims. As per process once it is unloaded and customers handle goods we cannot take action on damages reported after 24 Hours.