Moving to Bangalore? Tips to Find the Right Neighbourhood

Relocating to Bangalore? Relax, smile and celebrate. Your destination is one of the most modern and beautiful cities of India. Popularly known as the Garden City, Bangalore or Bengaluru is famous for its magical climate, friendly people, rich culture and a wonderful cuisine.
Being a hub of many global technology companies, Bangalore is the most preferred destination for IT professionals. Also, known as Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka and the third largest city of India. As a large and growing metropolitan, Bengaluru is home to many public-sector industries, aerospace, telecommunications and defence organisations too.
Shifting to Bengaluru and hunting for a good residential location can be quite a daunting task. To make things easy for you we have a few guidelines that will make your search process breezy and smooth.
This step by step questionnaire should be your bible before you step out on a house hunt:

What should be your initial approach?

Moving to a new city is a stressful experience. While the joy and excitement of a new life awaits, the house hunt can be challenging for some. A good homework, detailed research and knowledge about the city can make relocating a lot easier. Use references, Google search, Social media pages and common website platforms to calculate the cost of living in the city.

What kind of home are you looking for?

Buying or selecting a home is an important investment and a crucial decision. While looking for a home in Bangalore you should have a clarity on the kind of home you want for yourself and your family. Whether you wish to move in a villa, an apartment or a traditional bungalow, safety should be a prime concern. Find a real estate project that is highly secured, gated and has a well-guarded area. Secondly, Budget should be an important factor while selecting a residence in a metropolitan. Choose one that suits your pocket and falls within your planned cost of living analysis.

What is important to you in a neighbourhood?

If you are going to buy a home in Bangalore, neighbourhood is one of the most important factors you must keep into consideration. Knowing a neighbourhood and judging it on the basis of your needs and requirements is a crucial step. Here are some excellent ways you definitely need to know while choosing the right neighbourhood. Health care facilities, shopping areas, recreation centres are some of the preferred choices that define a good neighbourhood.

Do you prefer a good Transportation Connectivity?

While settling in a new city, transportation is one of the most important factor you need to think on. Even if you own a vehicle, public transport is something you and your family would require at times. Search for a neighbourhood with good connectivity with other main areas of the city. A close proximity with main transportation hubs always makes life easy. It saves time, money and everyday hassles.

Do you prefer schools to be nearby for your children?

A school in the vicinity is certainly the most convenient factor for your family. Bangalore has some of the finest educational institutions across city. Search for one that suits your child’s academic requirements. A good school in the neighbourhood would mean less travel time for your children and better education prospects.

What kind of amenities are you looking for?

Before selecting a residence in Bangalore keep your specific needs on the forefront. Look for a property that offers you an easy access to all the basic amenities. Paying extra money for a gym, swimming pool or a library would be useless if you are getting all the facilities within your campus. Other than the amenities available inside, select projects that offer residences located in a close proximity with grocery stores, cafes, parks and hospitals.

How important are Recreations& Lifestyle factors for you?

With burgeoning work stress and long hours of commute you need a life that spells comfort and relaxation. Buy a home that matches your lifestyle and recreational needs. A peaceful locality with multiple modes of entertainment around necessary for a relaxed lifestyle. You will find many such places in Bangalore which are closer to gaming zones, bubbling malls, pubs and multiplex theatres. Make a good search before you decide the location.

Did you visit the new neighbourhood at different times?

If you have shortlisted the locality, it is necessary that you visit the place multiple times, at different hours. This will help you in judging the neighbourhood, traffic patterns, lifestyle, cost of living and other algorithms on a daily basis. Selecting a property is a painstaking process. It is important that you act smartly and choose wisely. With a step-wise meticulous approach,you can make this process a delightful one, something that you will cherish for years to come!

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