How to Find the Right House in Bangalore?

How to Find the Right House in Bangalore?

May 26th, 2021

Bangalore, often dubbed as the “Silicon Valley of India”, is a haven for many international brands, IT-tians and startups since the boom in the 90s. Along with its commercial charm, the pleasant climate and diverse culture make it one of the most preferred cosmopolitan cities to live in India. Naturally, homes are in high demand in the city.

Over the years, migration of people from all over the country has enriched Bangalore’s real estate sector. This place is one of the few places in India where a delay of a year or so is not a norm for real estate development. Developers have to stick to the delivery deadlines, thanks to the scrutiny process by the government. However, to find a house suited to your needs amongst thousands of properties is indeed a hard task.

6 Things to Know Before Finalizing a House in Bangalore

Selecting a property is a painstaking process! It’s important to know the traffic patterns, lifestyle, cost of living and other algorithms of the place you choose to live. The right approach can make the whole process delightful and something that you will cherish for years to come. We’ve put together a few frequently asked questions for everything you might need to do and know before you buy or rent a house in Bangalore.

1. What’s the average cost of living in Bangalore?

Good homework, detailed research and knowledge about the city can make relocating a lot easier. Use references, Google search, Social media pages, and standard website platforms to calculate the city’s cost. This blog from Pikkol can help you understand the estimated cost of living in Bangalore.

2. Which is your preferred location that suits your set budget?

Location is amongst the top mantras while choosing a home. The top locations in Bangalore have three things in common - accessibility, appearance, and amenities. Naturally, these are the more expensive areas. So, while the location is an important factor, not everyone might afford the price tag of homes in Lavelle Road or Malleswaram. It’s always a good idea to set a price you are comfortable with and then work around areas offering homes at similar rates. Come back to the golden rules, make your choice on accessibility, appearance, and amenities that the location offers.

3. What do you want in your neighbourhood?

Knowing a community and judging it based on your needs and requirements is a crucial step. Some important factors to consider while choosing the right neighbourhood are health care facilities, shopping areas, recreation centres etc. You might also want to include proximity to the workplace and school in your list of considerations. All in all, prepare a list of your preferences, and then compare and contrast. This will help you shortlist and finalise the right neighbourhood for you.

If you are one of those who would love to go back to a home filled with calmness and tranquillity, away from the crowded market, noise, and pollution, prefer renting or buying in the outskirts of the city, specifically Sarjapur Road. It is a fast-developing part of Bangalore with good road connectivity to key IT hubs like Whitefield (15 km), Electronic City (19 km), Outer Ring Road (16 km), Marathahalli and Koramangala. In addition, these areas are lined up with green trees and gardens.

4. What is your preference for transportation connectivity?

It’s always a good idea to search for a neighbourhood with good transport connectivity with other main areas of the city. It makes life easier and saves time, money and everyday hassles. However, a study shows that half of the population commute on its own in the city. So, if you own your vehicle and can manage your commute on your own, you can neglect this factor.

Having said that, you must keep in mind that your family might still need to use public transportation for various reasons. Considering that, it’s always a good decision to finalise a place with basic transportation.

5. Do you prefer schools to be nearby for your children?

A school in the vicinity is undoubtedly the most important factor if you have children in your family. Bangalore has some of the finest educational institutions across the city. Some of the famous schools in Bangalore are Inventure Academy, Indus International, The Valley School of Bangalore, Mallya Aditi International School etc. Finalise one that suits your child’s academic requirements. A good school in the neighbourhood would mean less travel time for your children and better education prospects.

6. What kind of lifestyle are you looking for?

Consider how you’d like to spend your free time. Are you outdoorsy? A foodie or a party lover? These questions can be a deciding factor for many while choosing a home in Bangalore. Think and finalise what you like to do in your downtime and start searching for neighbourhoods that can support your lifestyle. To make the task a bit easy, you can decide what’s most important to have close by to enhance your lifestyle. Some common considerations include- Shopping, Restaurants, Parks, Trails or Walking Paths, Gyms or Recreation Centers etc. Finalise the one that meets all your needs in your planned budget buoyancy.

Few notable projects like Godrej Nurture E City, Ajmera Nucleus, Sobha Dreams, Klassik Landmarks, etc. are few to name amongst many. They provide all the amenities like a gym, swimming pool, or library within the campus. If these big names do not fall under your budget, you may also look for other residential projects or residences located close to grocery stores, cafes, parks and hospitals.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

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Happy Moving!

Suraj Valimbe