House Moving Tips with a Toddler in Jayanagar

House Moving Tips with a Toddler in Jayanagar

February 16th, 2018

The entire process of packing and moving itself seems like a daunting task and when you have a toddler house moving experience can leave you a little overwhelmed. Unless you have some help around sorting, packing, moving while managing a toddlers could lead you to a state of despair which in turn could affect your toddler too. Children are very sensitive to vibes and moods, they can sense it easily when you as a parent are hassled, and get hassled themselves. This could affect your moving plans drastically. A positive attitude and knowing a few handy tips to deal with the situation when house moving with a toddler in Jayanagar can make a world of difference.

Inform your toddler about the idea of moving house well in advance:

Amidst all the chaos going on in your mind and around you take time to talk to your toddler about moving. Build a beautiful story around packing and moving to different place that your little one can understand.

Packing and de-cluttering:

You’ll be surprise how many things you can end up owing with a toddler around in the house. Make a list of the things you use the most, pack them away neatly labelling as you go about with your packing. Keep the absolute essentials like medicines, baby essentials in a bag or box that you would carry with you. Some of the things your toddler received or you may have bought may not have seen light of day, give them away as a parting gifting to someone who really needs it, they could earn some gratitude and a whole lot of smiles.

Make your toddler feel positive about the house shifting:

It’s time to spread the cheer, go about your daily chores at home as usual. Involve your little one to help you pack, if you didn’t know that yet they actually enjoy pottering around trying to help you and makes them feel mighty useful. Well, they aren’t going to be as organised as you but it does make them feel important. Talk to your little one while you pack about the wonderful things they are going to get to do in the new place, describe the new how, new location to them this exercise make them curious about the new place and triggers their adventurous mind.

Make the arrangements same after shifting to new home:

While most children are accommodative and adaptive, they get over things pretty easily, forget the old and set about exploring their new surroundings, some take time to adjust to anything new. In both cases try as much as possible making the arrangements in your new home the same as your present house. This gives your toddler a sense of comfort, well-being and familiarity. This arrangement would also help you settle in your new home with ease.

Accompany with your toddler to say goodbye:

Parting ways can be a painful process - teary goodbyes, pouty faces, tantrums can be heart-breaking. Take time from your busy schedule to accompany your little one to say their goodbyes to their playmates. Remember your toddler needs you around as a comfort factor and would probably require a whole lot of hugs and encouraging smile from you. If your toddler shares a special bond with another child make sure you get their contacts if you already don’t have them and stay in touch.

Celebrate the idea of moving, stay happy and cheerful. Every move you make is an experience by itself. Don’t spend your time worry about packing and about the move, for this you have reliable and efficient packing and moving service like Pikkol who strive towards making every relocation a hassle –free one for you.