Hassle-free packing and moving services in Bangalore with Pikkol

Hassle-free packing and moving services in Bangalore with Pikkol

February 7th, 2018

Shifting from place to place is always a big headache especially when it comes to a metro city like Bangalore. To make a hassle free shifting plan well ahead and will have to enlist the help of a professional packers and movers. Pikkol is one packers and movers who can make this transition hassle-free and easier done than said. Pikkol operates as a move manager service provider where anybody can obtain a customised solution for their relocation needs. The well trained and organised staff adheres to every unique need of the client’s while ensuring a safe, reliable and timely delivery process.

Moving within Bangalore

Bangalore, described as the silicon valley of India, is home to a lot of industry giants and global companies. From 1990’s a lot of industries and their support industries have begun to establish here, bringing in with them a huge influx of people from all over the country. At present the city keeps on growing at exponential rates but still might lack the necessary planning and proper infrastructure. Moving or shifting from one place of the city to another part is a traumatic experience without the help of a professional mover like Pikkol. Pikkol provides a safe and tension free option for this. The services you get brings in extreme satisfaction and fun.

Why Pikkol?

Pikkol aims to usher in a new era for hassle-free packing and moving experience in the way of relocation by bringing together safety, professionalism, accountability and a perfect service experience. All this is brought together at an affordable rates for the customer.

Experienced professional workers

Teams are trained in the best packing processes, handling, unpacking, safety, etiquettes and transportation methods. They are trained to apply various packing methods for different products as per their value, strength, size or type. Be it may house shifting, vehicle transportation or moving anything else the teams always leave behind a satisfied and happy customers.

Fair charges

The Pikkol charge calculation system available online will calculate the cost of shifting effectively. This algorithm of charge calculation is based on what type of materials, number of items, size of each items, distance to transport and transportation vehicle charges. The system calculates a fair charge for the quote and display it accordingly. The quotes placed for the moving will be fair and equal to all customers. There are no hidden charges included while placing the quotes. This will ensure the safe, free packing and moving at affordable charges.

Customer satisfaction

Unlike other similar service providers who pass on the request to random service vendors, Pikkol cares about their customers. They have their own team of professionals to carry out the whole process. They move I executed as per a plan and systematically. Correct packing method is used for different materials and transported with care. The executives also help in arranging the items in the new home or place as per the clients need. Pikkol provides unmatched services when moving in or to Bangalore