Ways to bring down the cost while home moving to Whitefield

Ways to bring down the cost while home moving to Whitefield

February 28th, 2018

Have you just landed an awesome tech job in one of the IT companies in the famed ITPL? If you are excited about your job but worried about moving home from one corner of the ever growing city to another, Pikkol can come to your rescue. Learn about some easy yet useful ways to bring down the cost while home moving to Whitefield.

Hire a reliable and cheap packers and movers in whitefield

Type the term “packers and movers” and Google will throw up an inexhaustible list of names. But how will you take your pick? Our natural instinct is to dial the first phone number that tops the list. It is not a bad idea, but a better idea would be to open the websites of the first five companies on the list, and read about their services, policies, and proximity. Another important factor to consider is customer reviews. These feedback and testimonials can help you hire a reliable and cheap packers and movers that serves your area.

Compare the charges with other packers and movers

Once you have shortlisted a couple of packers and movers, it is time to compare the charges. Explain your requirements clearly and understand their policies and pricing details. Clear communication will avert the chances of hidden fees at the end of the move. If you are not happy with the quotation given by those packers and movers, revisit the Google list and make some more calls and talk some more to strike a budget-friendly deal.

Lighten your load

Have a lot of unwanted stuff that you haven’t used since ‘god knows how long’? Get rid of your old rickety bed that has been hogging the loft space all this while or the rusty cupboards (especially if you are moving to a semi furnished accommodation). You will save quite a bit if you lighten your load. It will not just make moving easier, but also you will be able to de-clutter a considerable amount of junk before moving to your new place. Unless you are overly attached to an unused piece of furniture, dispose of your old goods by selling or just giving them away. A lesser load will translate to a cheaper home moving cost.

Schedule your home move

Don’t wait for a last minute home move. In the rush of things you may not have enough time to weigh your options or compare the charges. Schedule your move with at least a week to plan and sort things out. A reliable movers and packers such as Pikkol, will get your belongings packed, stored and transported efficiently and carefully without you having to worry at all.

Pack non fragile items yourself

Why wait for the packers and movers to pack certain items such as clothes, shoes, bed linen, and soft furnishings, when you can do it yourself and make the moving process faster. Packing things yourself would help you identify which box has what. This in turn will make unpacking and arranging stuff in your new home easier, rather than fumbling with all the unloaded items. A reputable and trusted packers and movers will make your home moving to Whitefield easy and hassle free. So if you have to move, let the moving specialists do the work for you, while you focus on other important aspects of your relocation.

With the motto of making shifting and relocation easy, Pikkol Packers and Movers provide unmatched moving services at affordable rates. Our integrated technology provides customers with a seamless experience, right from getting an accurate online quotation, to pick-up date, dispatch details and even real time updates on the movement of your belongings via GPS enabled devices carried by our supervisors. Our highly trained moving teams follow the best practices in packing, handling, transportation and unpacking of your precious belongings ensuring that your move is hassle-free. Happy Moving!