Top 8 questions to ask a moving company before you hire them

Top 8 questions to ask a moving company before you hire them

February 23rd, 2018

Are you planning to move from one house to a new one? Wherever that may be, who are you going to approach for help with the shifting procedures with a packers and movers, right? It does not matter who helps you with the packing and moving, what matters is that do you know enough about the particular firm that you are going to give the work to. You need to know a lot about the facility provider you are going to approach for the purpose. To get info on the firm try asking a few of the following questions for you own satisfaction and the safety of your own property.

Company registration and licence

In a lot of cases the company you are hiring will not have a proper registration or license. This may be the result of a lot of local entry level service providers coming into the market. Try to confirm that the packer and mover you are looking into is registered and licenced to do the job. This will keep you tension free from fraudulent firms and spare you from theft and damage of your property.


When it comes to moving the household items from one place to another experience always count. Ask if the firm have moved similar items and about their experience in the process. This will give you an idea about their mode of operandi and how good they are trusted in the industry.

Insurance coverage

When moving costlier and damageable items from one place to another do check up on whether the firm offers any insurance coverage. When it comes to transporting in a city like Bangalore, anything can happen. Most of the packers and movers won’t be providing such a facility, but it will be good enough to know if something like that is available – just in case.

Transportation vehicles and necessary equipments

Enquire if the moving company has their own transportation vehicles. This will make sure that the company will be transporting the items directly and not assign it to some vendors. This will ensure that your home goods will be easily traceable and all goods are accountable. Ensure that they are equipped with the necessary equipments to pack and move a variety of items.

Trained personal

Ask about the professionals who will be handling the shifting process. Check if they are well trained to handle multiple varieties of products as per the requirement. Each items will need a different type of packing for transportation. Ensure that the staff members are well trained and have the necessary skills to do the job.

Storage or warehousing facility

Most of the shifting procedures will finish up in a day. In case it would take some delay due to unforeseen circumstances check with the packers and movers if they provide storage facilities to store the items. This will be most helpful when moving from on city to another.

Get a quotation

Once you are satisfied with all the services provided by the packers and movers place a quotation for the shifting. Try to give a proper quote based on the number of items, size and distance to travel. Mostly the executives from the firm will be able to help you with this. This will give you an idea how much would it cost for the transportation. Different companies have different rates for the shifting.

Hidden charges

While submitting a quote with the company ask for any hidden charges if any. Sometimes the charges come up after you start the procedure and will create issues later. Ensure that all the charges are clear and well informed before the shifting procedure starts.

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