Things to know while moving from Bangalore to Hyderabad

Once in a while many of us have to stare at the prospect of shifting from one city to another in search of better job prospects, or simply for a better life. A similar thing happened to Shankar, a resident Bangalore since birth, when he recently got an awesome job offer in Hyderabad with better position, package and growth prospects. It was a dream job for Shankar, but there was one thing that was spoiling his excitement: the prospect of having to shift to Hyderabad with his entire family after spending 34 years in Bangalore.

He knew that he wouldn’t be coming back to Bangalore very quickly, so he decided to shift to Hyderabad lock, stock and barrel. The new company gave him 3 months to join. He needed this time to sell his apartment and set up his residence in Hyderabad.

The distance from Bangalore to Hyderabad isn’t much, but the packing the goods, transporting them and unpacking them in Hyderabad seem to be very hassling some for him to handle on his own. So, he decided to ask his friend Shivam who had recently shifted from Bangalore to Hyderabad for some friendly advice.
We are reproducing the advice that Shivam gave to Shankar here. If you also need to move from one city to another, then these will come in very handy for you.

• Start the process early: moving across cities is not an overnight job, so try to start the process at least 2 months before the actual date of the move. This will give you ample time to discuss, execute and wrap up the process. Anything that you will do in a hurry is going to create trouble later.

• Engage a Professional Moving Company: theoretically maybe you can complete the packing and moving process all by yourself; however it is going to be a major task for you. To avoid the strain and the anxiety involved in doing everything by you, get in touch with a reputed moving company. These companies specialize in helping people to make intercity moves. For a fee, they will help you to move, thereby reducing a considerable burden from your shoulders.

• Compare multiple companies: once you have decided to rope in a professional moving company, you need to shortlist some of them and take quotations from each of them. If you think that this will be very worrisome, the Instant Automated Quotation System of Pikkol will come in very handy for you. Once you enter your requirements into the quotation engine, it will instantly calculate a customised quote for you, without even requiring you to visit a Pikkol office. Thus, it will save you a lot of time and energy.

• Check their credentials: Beware of many fly by night operators who will promise you the cheapest rates just to get your business. You need to also understand the reputation of that company. If you know someone who has recently used the services of a professional moving company, ask for references from them otherwise, you can ask for customer testimonials or call up a few past customers of the company that you are thinking of hiring, to check what their experience was. These background checks can often save you from making a wrong choice.

• Sort your belongings: since Shankar had spent many years in Bangalore, he had a lot of things lying in his house, many of which he and his family didn’t need any more. Shivam asked him to take stock of the things which he didn’t need and either sell or discard them. Transportation of goods cost money, and there is no point in moving the things which you really don’t need across the city.
One important thing that has to transport is the vehicle that you drive. If you have a 2 wheeler, then get the Packer to safely wrap it up and transport it in a truck. If you have a 4 wheeler, driving it across from Bangalore to Hyderabad is often not a problem, since the distance is only around 600 km., then the professional moving company will happily transport the vehicle either on a truck or will ask a driver to take it from Bangalore to Hyderabad by road.

• Check service inclusions and exclusions: before signing the contract, understand the deal that you are getting. Full service moving companies like Pikkol will offer you end to end solutions for moving your belongings. This will include packing, transportation and also unloading services. They will also help you with unpacking and placing the larger belongings like your sofa sets, dining tables and beds in the proper places in your housing Hyderabad. Many other companies, especially the ones offering you unbelievable rates, we’ll just unload the goods at your doorstep and move away. Speak to the professional moving company well in advance to understand what their service includes, and also specifically excludes. Don’t get forced into paying extra for several services which should have come to you for free anyway.