Things to know while moving from Bangalore to Delhi

Many of us need to make a move from one city to another at least once in our lifetimes. This can be necessary due to a job change, transfer within the same job, higher education, and many other mundane and not so mundane reasons.
While Bangalore is a wonderful city to live in, people do sometimes need to move out of the city. And if you are making the move across the country to Delhi, then there are certain important things to keep in mind. There is a major difference in the South Indian and North Indian cultures, which you need to get accustomed to. However, that will come in only after you have shifted your household goods and personal belongings smoothly from Bangalore to Delhi.
So here are some things that you need to keep in mind while making this move of approximately 1740Kms.

• Find a house: visit Delhi at least once before the relocation to acquaint yourself with the different localities city, and to identify a house of your own in a locality of your choice. Doing this in advance will ensure that you will have a proper place to put up your family, store your luggage and household goods once they arrive in Delhi. If you are shifting because of a job transfer, then your employer sometimes sponsors this tour. In case there isn’t enough time to make a separate visit, ensure that you shift alone, find a house and then shift your family and belongings.

• Get to know the city well: the difference in lifestyle between Bangalore and Delhi will be significant, so you may need time to get over the occasional culture shocks. The best way to settle yourself is to know the city well. So, explore Delhi to find out your favourite eateries, malls, and places of attraction.

• Make a list of goods to be shifted: moving to another city is easy, only if you are alone and do not have a lot of belongings to carry from Bangalore to Delhi. However, if you are shifting with your family, there are chances that you will have a lot of household items, personal belongings and even your vehicle to shift. Start by making a list of the things that you would want to take along with you. This will come in extremely handy during the actual shifting process.

• Hire a professional moving company: a great alternative to moving all your belongings on your own is to hire a professional moving company like Pikkol to do the job for you. They have teams of experts who have experience of helping hundreds of households shift to Delhi from Bangalore. Hiring them will lessen your pain of doing the shifting on your own. Outsource the job to the experts, so that you can focus on getting settled in the new city.

• Plan well in advance: a major reason why things go wrong while shifting from Bangalore to Delhi is that people try to do it in a hurry. Start planning for the move months ahead. This will give you and the professional moving company adequate time to prepare themselves and do the job smoothly. While some of them like Pikkol have a vast experience in handling in emergency moves also, it is always better to start early. Hiring over at the last minute may sometimes cost you more, and your experience may not be that great.

• Shifting your vehicle: if you have a 2-wheeler or a car, then you will need to make special arrangements for shifting it. While a 2-wheelerwill most likely be packed neatly and transported in trucks, the professional moving company will provide you with options to either transport your car in a truck to get someone to drive it to Delhi from Bangalore by road. The costs involved in these 2 options will vary, so choose wisely as per your budget. Sometimes, as per regulations, large carriers are not allowed within city limits. So if you are transporting the car via a truck, it is not uncommon that the car will be driven from pick-up location to the carrier location as they cannot bring the vehicle carrier to your doorstep.

• Start packing on time: packing the goods properly is one of the most important phases of the moving process, and goes a long way in ensuring things do not get damaged in transit. Let the packing team from the professional moving company to start packing a few days before the scheduled date of dispatch of the goods. This team is expert in choosing the right packing material for every good that you need to transport. Allow them ample time to do this job and do not rush through it at the last moment. If this packing is completed properly, you will have a lot of mental peace that you won’t get to see a lot of broken and damaged items once you unpack them in Delhi. Unless you have very few things to shift, get them to complete the packing process a day before the moving truck is scheduled to do a pickup of the packages.

Keeping these basic things in mind will help you to ensure that you have a great moving experience and you are able to physically settle down quickly once you’re in Delhi.