7 Things You Must Know Before Relocating to Delhi from Bangalore

7 Things You Must Know Before Relocating to Delhi from Bangalore

April 18th, 2021

Moving to a new city brings an exciting change for most of us—a new house, new job, new people and new surroundings. But it can be a roller coaster ride if you aren’t prepared for it. You might be moving because you got a new job or a specific lifestyle preference. Either way, it leaves an everlasting impression on your personal and professional lives to make a move to a new city. To make it a positive one, you must take the proper steps to plan your move.

Shifting from Bangalore to Delhi

Here’s the seven-point checklist to make your relocation from Bangalore to Delhi smooth.

1. Hunt an appropriate House

If you are a bachelor, you need to consider the distance between your home and workplace. But, if you are moving with your family, you might have to consider many other factors like a good school/college, your workplace, availability of medical facilities, groceries, and so on. You can house-hunt online or plan to visit Delhi to make an informed decision.

2. Do Your Homework/ Research about Delhi

The best way to settle yourself is to know the city well and make a move a little less stressful. You can start your research by socialising with your friends or relatives who are already there, but If you don’t know anybody who lives in Delhi, go online and explore Delhi to find out your favourite eateries and malls, places of attraction, job opportunities, etc. We can let you know that the most crucial difference you will encounter is the cultural difference. Here in Bangalore, there is South Indian culture, while in Delhi, you will get more of a mix, but dominantly North Indian culture.

3. Prepare for a move

It’s imperative that if you are moving to another city alone, then it’s a probability that you have less belonging, or you can opt to scratch out your extra belongings. But if you are shifting with your family, there are chances that you will have a lot of household items, personal belongings, and even your vehicle/s to move. Start by making a list of the things you would want to take along with you. This will come in handy during the shifting process.

4. Hire professional packers & movers

You can opt to outsource the job to the experts so that you can focus on getting settled in the new city. Hire a professional moving company like Pikkol to do the job for you. They have been in the industry for years, and their experts make the moving experience a wonderful one. Hiring them will lessen your pain of doing the shifting on your own.

5. Plan well in advance

Considering the distance of 1750kms between Bangalore and Delhi, it’s essential to plan well to avoid any delays or damages while shifting from Bangalore to Delhi by road. This will give you and the professional moving company adequate time to prepare themselves and do the job smoothly. While some of them, like Pikkol, have vast experience handling emergency moves, it is always better to start early. Hiring over at the last minute may sometimes cost you more, and your experience may take a toll.

6. Vehicle-Shifting

If you have a 2-wheeler or/and a car, you will need to make special arrangements for shifting them from Bangalore to Delhi by road. While a 2-wheeler will most likely be packed neatly and transported in trucks, the professional moving company will provide you with options to either transport your car in a truck or to get someone to drive it to Delhi from Bangalore by road. The costs involved in these two options will vary, so choose wisely as per your budget. Sometimes, large carriers are not allowed within city limits as per regulations. So if you are transporting the car via truck, it is not uncommon that the vehicle will be driven from the pick-up location to the carrier location as they cannot bring the vehicle carrier to your doorstep.

7. Start packing on time.

Packing the goods properly is one of the most critical phases of the moving process and goes a long way in ensuring things do not get damaged in transit. Let the packing team from the professional moving company start packing a day before moving. Pikkol can help you choose the suitable packing material for every item you need to transport. Allow them ample time to do this job and do not rush through it at the last moment. If this packing is adequately completed, you will have a lot of mental peace that you won’t get to see many broken and damaged items once you unpack them in Delhi. Unless you have very few things to shift, contact them to complete the packing process a day before the moving truck is scheduled to pick up the packages.

Relocate with Pikkol!

Delhi is incredibly famous for food, culture, history, and everything else. It has something fascinating about itself and offers a unique perspective on life and work, architecture, human diversity, and much more. To efficiently relocate from Bangalore to Delhi, you can hire professional packers and movers and make this easier. You can also calculate your moving cost to Delhi with Pikkol Packers and Mover’s price calculator to ensure that you have a great moving experience, and you can settle down easily & quickly once you’re in Delhi. Keeping these points in mind, you can be assured of relocating hassle-free without worrying about anything.