Shifting Tips to Pack Your Fragile Items

Shifting Tips to Pack Your Fragile Items

February 12th, 2018

One of the many woes that come with packing and moving/relocating is breaking or chipping of your fragile delicate items. Most of the times the fragile items that you own are your prized possessions, either a delicate piece of china that’s been a part of the family now handed down to you, or some ridiculously expensive Crystal that you would have bought on a Whim!! However you got around owning these items, they do cause a lot of anguish when you see shattered or broken pieces while you unpack.

A bit of care and a whole lot of patience while packing them can ensure they reach the destination safe and unharmed.

First things first, keep aside the things that you plan to take with you in your Carry-On or Check-in or with you in your car. Packing them yourself? Don’t stress out, a little bit of know how gets you going with ease.

Most of your small decorative plates, expensive perfume and wine bottles, other fragile souvenir can be easily accommodated in your suitcases, what’s best here is, you don’t really need any packing material except your clothes.

1. Line the base of your suitcase with your heavy-duty clothes like jeans, jackets etc.; just ensure that the base is well packed with a few layers of clothing and not much loose space around.

2. Wrap your plates or bottles with soft sweater or stole, or anything else that you find;

3. If you are packing glasses, then stuff in a pair of sock or smaller clothing in the hollows before wrapping them from outside.

Place all your packed items in the middle of your suitcase close together. The rest of your clothing and accessories can go in above all these. Two things to remember here, be careful NOT to pack heavy things on top of the fragile items, pack all loose spaces around with small clothing. A well-packed suitcase/bag with no loose spaces ensures that your fragile items don’t move around in your suitcase/bag and prevents them from breaking.

For your larger fragile items that would have to go in containers, you needn’t worry about them being safely wrapped and packed, our packers at PIKKOL have the expertise in handling your precious fragile with care. Leave it to PIKKOL to have your things packed and delivered to your next destination with care. Happy Moving!

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