Pikkol’s Storage Solutions: A Safe Haven For Your Belongings

Pikkol’s Storage Solutions: A Safe Haven For Your Belongings

October 1st, 2023

When it comes to relocating, you’re bound to be worried about where you can store your belongings for a long time. Pikkol’s storage solutions are the answers to your worries. These storage facilities allow you to keep your goods safely until you move and enter into your new home. They make the intricate process of a long or short-distance move easier for home and business owners.

Benefits of using storage solutions


A storage warehouse ensures the safety and security of your belongings. Pikkol monitors the facility 24/7 to ensure that your belongings are protected from all types of risks.


Apart from general safety, Pikkol also protects your belongings from damage caused by pests, moulds, moisture, or rain.


There are no deposits, upfront fees, hidden costs, or maintenance charges for Pikkol’s storage solutions. Thus, it is a budget-friendly service suitable for all people.


Storage solutions are available for short and long-term schedules. You can choose an option based on your needs and budget.

Additional space

If you shift your possessions to a self-storage unit, you can use the additional space you get to add comfort and aesthetic appeal to your home.

Regulation of climate

These storage solutions have climate-control features, which means your belongings do not have to withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. This benefit ensures that your belongings are preserved for longer.

Personalized customer support

Pikkol’s customer support team assists you in every situation with tailor-made solutions based on your needs and budget.

Logistics support

Pikkol’s solutions extend to packaging and logistics support as well. As you work with a complete relocation services provider, you can rest assured that your belongings will be stored securely, and you can access them at any time as desired.


Using Pikkol’s storage solutions is a practical, affordable, and hassle-free technique to store all your belongings, including furniture, luggage, crockery, appliances, etc., while you move. We manage everything from doorstep pick-up to packaging of possessions and their storage at a facility.

Sreeju Sreekumar