Why it’s time for you to Get Married?

You’ll be able to see each other every single day. Isn’t this a good enough reason to get married?

You’ll be saving up on the phone bill. No long conversations over the phone. Its time you have these in person.

Cooking together can be so much fun. Even if you’re not a chef, you can be one just for the one you love.

Watching a cricket match or a romcom while laying on that perfect couch you bought together. Blissful!

Don’t we all want to be interior designers? You can show your creativity in the new house you would be shifting to with your better half.

You like to shop till you drop? Want somebody to hold all those shopping bags for you. Then you got to get married!!
Being held in the arms of the one you love and falling asleep. Sounds nice?

Save on taxes: filing jointly often results in lower taxes than filing alone. So marriage can surely have a positive impact on your savings

Becoming parents: Nothing can replace the happiness of seeing those little fingers clutch your hands. Irreplaceable joys of life.

Once married you feel content. There comes a sense of belonging. You’ll become more relaxed and grounded.
Sharing your life’s happy and sad moments.

Spending time with that special someone whom you love and growing old with that person.

It gives a meaning to your life. And you tend to become more focussed.

Fall in love many times, but always with the same person!
You’ll be a team. Whether it be getting the refrigerator fixed or waiting for the cable guy to come. You would never be alone in doing these errands. You’ll have your partner along to do it all with you.

Want to go out for a drive at 2 in the morning? Or want to gatecrash a wedding? Do it all with your partner without having to worry about the world. You can have an all time partner in crime.And after you finally to decide to get married,
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