Packing Fragile Items: Expert Advice from Professional Movers and Packers

Packing Fragile Items: Expert Advice from Professional Movers and Packers

September 8th, 2023

Packing fragile and valuable items can be quite daunting. But, if you know the best techniques and have the right packing materials, you can take your belongings to your destination without damage.

Here, we share expert advice from professional movers and packers on how to shift fragile and delicate items successfully.

Use high-quality packing materials

It is vital to use the best packing materials for fragile and delicate items. Buy sturdy boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and foam peanuts. Do not go for cheap and flimsy material, as it can put your belongings at risk. For increased protection, use glass divider cardboard boxes for glasses and specialized boxes for dishes.

Tape the bottom of moving boxes

Put extra strips of packing tape at the bottom of your moving boxes to add strength. They reduce the chances of the box breaking open due to the weight of the goods

Use packing material to cushion the box’s bottom.

The weight of the items in a box falls when you lift it. It is a good idea to provide additional support at the bottom of the moving box by placing packing paper, bubble wrap, foam, or towels.

Pack heavier items on the bottom.

The best packing technique is to keep heavy items at the bottom of the box. This gives the box a stronger base. Moreover, when smaller and lighter items are on top, they cannot get crushed by the weight of heavier goods.

Fill hollow goods with packing supplies.

Most crockery items like cups, glasses, bowls, and other glassware have hollow spaces. Fill this space with packing paper to avoid severe vibrations and lower the chances of cracks and breakage.

Use packing tape generously.

Secure all your delicate items with bubble wrap, packing papers, and adequate packing tape. Use tape on all corners and joints. Packing tape provides more support and strengthens your packaging.

When packing your fragile and expensive belongings, such as crockery, cutlery, television, etc., don’t rush into the process. A good study of the best packaging techniques and a stable mind will help ensure the safe delivery of your delicate items. Lastly, be patient to reduce the risk of damage.

Suraj Valimbe