Moving Your Office

Moving Your Office

April 7th, 2015

Once you’ve decided on why you need to move your office and have zeroed in on a location for your new workplace, you can get down to the relocation process. Don’t underestimate the time and resources you will need for a successful move. Here are the essential steps you need to take in the run up to moving day. source

Fix a budget

Making a budget will help you assess your costs. Early planning will help you predict and control the amount of money you spend on your office relocation.

Create a checklist

Make a checklist of all the aspects pertaining to office-relocation. Everything you put on this list can be crossed off till the relocation is complete. This can even include a timeline of the entire process. Once you have it down on paper, it is easier to adhere to.

Form a moving committee

Choose a team of employees to help facilitate the office move. The team leader will be in charge of the entire process. He/she will distribute the work between the team members. You can keep track of the progress with your team leader.

Update co-workers

Keep all the employees in the loop. This will make the transition easier for the entire organisation. It will also minimise potential hiccups. Send out internal emails with frequent updates.

Communicate with clients

Ensure that your clients and suppliers know about your move. Inform them in advance about the days when the office won’t function during the relocation of the office. Update your company website.

Take an inventory

Take an inventory of all the things in the office beforehand. This will help you calculate cost, identify goods that were displaced or damaged in the process etc.

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