Make your move an adventure for the kids

Make your move an adventure for the kids

March 9th, 2015

When children are involved, moving can be extremely stressful. But what you should keep in mind is that children adapt very quickly. Preparing them for the move will work wonders and can make your house-shifting experience hassle-free. source

Discuss the move

Tell them what to expect in the new neighbourhood/city. Show them pictures, so that they get a feel of the place. Give them as much information as possible. Be prepared to answer the questions they may have.

Involve them

Make sure they don’t feel left out. Take them house-hunting with you. Or make them sit with you as you browse through potential homes online. Let them help with some of the packing. Ask them what they would like to keep with them on the day of the house shifting. Pack a special bag with their colouring books, favourite toy, a video game etc.

A goodbye party

Have a small party with your near and dear ones. This creates memories. The children can make a scrapbook with pictures of all their friends to take with them. Don’t forget to visit all your favourite haunts in the area before you leave.

The first night

Make the first night at your new place fun. Get the kids to feel comfortable. Watch their favourite show together or play a game as a family.

Settling in

Try to stick to your usual routines, be it your daily prayers or your weekly game of cricket. This will give your kids a sense of familiarity. Keep emphasising on all the fun things you’re going to do at the new neighbourhood/city.

“We stick together”

The kids have just moved out of familiar surroundings. They need to feel a sense of security. It is important to reassure them. Make them realise that whatever changes in their lives, the family will always be there for them.