How to train your father?

How to train your father?

October 17th, 2015

Anuj’s Dad who stays in Mumbai calls Anuj who is studying in Bangalore.

Scene 1

Dad: Son! Please help me installing WhatsApp on my phone. Even Sharma Uncle have WhatsApp installed in his phone.

Son: Pa! How am I goin’ to instruct on call?

Dad: I’ve called you from your Ma’s phone. I’ll follow what you say!

Son: Ok! Open Google Play store.

Dad: It says ‘No internet connection’. Should I switch on the Bluetooth?

Son: (Harshly) Common! How would Bluetooth help? Check if your WiFi is on!

Dad: I think it is on! I have switched off the phone and lemme restart it. It will take 2 minutes.

Son: Pa!!! Did I ask you to restart the phone??

Dad: You don’t need to talk to me like that! What is the use of making you an Engineer if you cannot help your father!

I told your Ma that there is no use of calling Anuj. It would have been better, if I would have gone to a store for the installation of WhatsApp.

Son: Ok do it then!

--- Call cut from both the sides—

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Scene 2

Anuj got a new job in BTM layout. He wants to shift his items from the hostel to his new flat in Kormangala. He calls up his father to make an arrangement:

Son: Pa, I have got a new flat in Kormangala. I will need two labors, packing material and a truck to help me in shifting. Do you have any contacts?

Dad: Anuj, seriously?

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