How To Plan Your International Move?

How To Plan Your International Move?

February 25th, 2017

Are you relocating to another country for work purpose? If your answer is yes then you must have been planning for your move or it is high time you do. Here are some international moving tips which can make your planning and international relocation easier.

• Paperwork and Legal liabilities: One of the most important concerns of people moving internationally is the paperwork trails. From arranging passports to visas and the air tickets along with insurances and all other documents to prove one’s identity and other work related documents takes loads of time. If you are flying to another country on behalf of your employer, then you might not have to be as worried about the paperwork as most of the time the office take care of this part. When you are flying for your studies, then you need to keep all your educational documents at the place and must have the approval from the college you have applied for and if you have granted scholarship, then you must keep those papers handy. You must do enough research on the tenancy laws of the country you are about to fly to, you must know how their brokerage agreements are made and its clauses to save you from any kind of legal harassment. Also when you transport your belongings to another country, it is important that you check for all paperwork needed for legally transporting those belongings. Any missing document may result in your belongings being detained by authorities.

• Choose wisely your belongings: When you are moving to another country in some other continent, you must feel the pinch of leaving behind the old memories ad old stuff in your house. But don’t get too emotional and pack all you want to carry with yourself to the new place rather pack the things you would require and cannot be done without. Some important packing tips for moving includes considering the essential items for relocation, proper packaging of those items, consideration of the cost of the relation of such items to the new country etc. You must follow the packing tips for moving very carefully when travelling abroad to avoid any hassles. Many a time, it proves to be cheaper to buy something at the destination country rather than transporting it across countries. Also many countries have restrictions on what you can carry. Ensure that you are not carrying any of these while packing.

• Updating the contact list: When you are about to fly to another country, you must have some contacts whom you can rely upon on landing to the new country. But there are a hell lot of contacts you will require to settle down. You can take a little time out one day and sit and surf the net to find out the local authorities number of the area you are going to reside. Like in Germany, you need to inform the local authorities before you are moving to that country from another country. Updating contact details is one of the most important international moving tips that you must make use of and keep all the required contacts handy.

• Beware of the Tax Laws: If you are flying abroad for holiday then you need not think about the taxes but when you are relocating for a longer span of time to another continent in some other country, you must know and understand the tax laws of that country to save on your taxes. You must check the taxation process and slabs and other details that will be levied on your income when you will be working in the foreign country.

• Health comes first: The most important international moving tips that one can provide is to take good care of your health before travelling. One must get an appointment with the family physician before flying to check whether he is fit or not to travel by air. Then to keep a check on the blood pressure and other factors. Medical insurance has to be made for the purpose of relocation and that cannot be done without the consent of the doctor.

• Choosing your mover: Last but not the least, choosing the right international mover for transporting all your items to your destination country. The mode of transport can be either via sea or air. If you need your be transported quickly, you can transport it via air. However in air transport, you will be charged on the basis of volumetric weight or actual weight of shipment. So be aware that if there are heavy items including furniture, a move via air will be expensive. If time is not a constraint, you can move via sea which will be much more cost effective, especially if the load is large.

So, if you are moving abroad in the coming days then you must keep these above-mentioned tips in mind to be little comfortable with your journey. Pikkol is a packers and movers company which assist in international relocation and can make your international move really hassle free. Pikkol is the most reliable and customer centric partner for your international move with their professional teams and high emphasis on service quality.