March 21st, 2018

An office relocation is not an easy process and takes in a lot of your time. We at Pikkol understand that your time is very precious and you cannot be possibly wasting it on reading multiple stuff on how to easily manage your easy relocation. So here are a couple of tips that we think will serve as a quick read and help you plan and manage your office relocation smoothly, without any hassles.

Using checklist helps in moving in an organised fashion.

Assess your needs and current situation – Understanding the purpose of relocating would be top priority. Define your needs and then chalk out the office move appropriately. The reasons could be multiple like lease break, lease expiry, planned growth or downsizing.

Be clear about your requirements – A clear understanding of your basic strategic and operational requirements at the beginning itself will ensure your moving process is smooth and saves a lot of your time. You need an overall idea and consensus from the relevant decision makers regarding points like where you want to move, how much space you need, key features required, furniture required, planned business objectives, type and length of lease needed etc.

Build the right office move project team – An office move is a major job and requires combined efforts of a dedicated team. Hence the team should involve people who will facilitate and coordinate all the aspects concerning the office move. A project leader must be put in charge of the new process as soon as the decision to move office has been made. Start early - The earlier you start, the greater the chance of achieving the smooth move your company expects. You should start reviewing your options 9 – 18 months prior to your lease expiration regardless of whether you are considering renewing, renegotiation or relocation. You need to allow enough lead-time to increase the amount of leverage and competition between the various options, which can lead to savings for you.

Create a realistic budget - Creating a realistic office budget move is a critical planning tool which will help you assess your costs and manage them throughout the process. Engage the right office move professionals - Working with the right professional team is incredibly important for any company thinking of moving office. They will guide you through the process, save you money in the long run and make sure you don’t make any critical mistakes. Get legal advice before signing any lease documents – Reach out to your property solicitor will negotiate the detail of the lease documentation to minimize your exposure to possible liabilities. They will also advise you on the implications of the detailed terms in the final documents to ensure you are aware of your ongoing responsibilities.

Communication - Change can be unsettling for staff, so communication is key to ensure a smooth move experience. At the same time as the office move process, your company has to continue to run its business and focus on its existing workloads and commitments. Moving office is a great opportunity to affect positive change management, improvement in business performance and increased morale and momentum. The lines of communication, both internally and externally, your office move will have a much greater chance of success.

Clear unwanted stuff - Clear out old files and purge all storage areas of items which are no longer needed prior to moving. Secure storage or archiving of documentation is a flexible, safe and cost-effective solution to free up valuable and more costly office space.

With the motto of making shifting and relocation easy, Pikkol Packers and Movers provide unmatched office relocation services at affordable rates. Our integrated technology provides customers with a seamless experience, right from getting an accurate online quotation, to pick-up date, dispatch details and even real time updates on the movement of your belongings via GPS enabled devices carried by our supervisors. Our highly trained moving teams follow the best practices in packing, handling, transportation and unpacking of your precious belongings ensuring that your move is hassle-free. Happy Moving!