How to deal with moving from a spacious home to a small house in Yeshwantpur

How to deal with moving from a spacious home to a small house in Yeshwantpur

February 21st, 2018

Living in large spacious homes can spoil you for the sheer size and space larger home offers. Whatever your reason for moving from a spacious home to a smaller house in Yeshwantpur the thought can be depressing and make you feel cramped. Wondering how you are going to fit in all the things you have accumulated over the years? How are you going live in a small space which you are obviously not used to? While you are dwelling on this thought don’t let the move dampen your spirits, look forward to the positives a smaller home can provide.

Here’s what you can do to deal with moving from a spacious home to a small house in Yeshwantpur:

Change your mindset while you are ready to downsize:

size only matters till you allow the feeling to overwhelm you. Look at the bright side, change your mindset, this is the perfect time to bring in some changes in your life. Be adventurous, be bold look forwarding to downsizing. A smaller house is easier to manage and maintain. Take time to look around you for the smaller things like furniture etc. that are equally spacious and functional just that they are big. The humungous things you have collected is something you’ve probably kept it with you for so long because of its size. Did someone tell small things are sweet?

Get rid of least used home items:

This move is probably the best thing that has happened to you. Just the perfect time and reason to get rid of things you haven’t used in a long time. More than half of the things you would find when you are actually going through your things is probably of no use to you, which you have ended up hoarding thinking you would use it someday. If something hasn’t been used for at least a year it needs to go you are never going to use it, get rid of them. Giving them away to charity, or to a friend who would need it is a great idea. It also gives you a feeling of happiness within.

Try to make a storage space while moving to a smaller space:

Well, there are probably things that would not fit in your new home but they are the absolute must haves, things you cannot part with. These things would require a space for storing them for the duration that you are away. Speak to your friends and family if they can help you out or look for a cost-effective reliable warehousing solution.

Alter your habits to adjust to a new small space:

Take a good look at the new house you are moving to, it could turn out to be a great exercise for your mind and a wonderful outlet to unleash your creativity. Look for ways to improve and enhance storage solution in your new home that solves your storage requirements at the same time could give your house a spacious look. Make tiny changes in your habits, well now you have a kitchen that’s closer to you, and neighbour within your reach.

A smaller house can bring in a whole lot of joy, you can enjoy your time with family and friends in a cozy home that radiates warmth and happiness. Happy moving! Remember good things comes in small packages.

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