How to Choose the Best Removalist for Your Move

How to Choose the Best Removalist for Your Move

January 7th, 2017

Prakash, a manager in a reputed multinational company in Bangalore recently got a new job in Hyderabad with a higher position and compensation package. It was an offer that he could simply not refuse. There was one problem though: while his new company was going to bear the cost of the relocation, he was on his own when it came to moving his belongings and car to Hyderabad.
Being a couple of impeccable tastes, along with his wife Saloni he had gathered many valuable items in their frequent trips abroad. Apart from that, there were lots of furniture, crockery, cutlery and clothes which needed to be moved to Hyderabad. He was naturally worried about whether these will reach intact or not. First, he thought about moving everything all by himself but then decided that it was not possible since he neither had the expertise nor the time required. The best alternative as suggested by his wife, was to entrust the job to a professional moving company who had the manpower, expertise, and the right equipment necessary to undertake such a large removal. Thus began their quest for the best professional removalist who could help them to move without hassles to their new place.Since it was their first time moving into a different city, they found the task of short listing a professional moving company to be a daunting one in itself. There are so many companies out there nowadays, that short listing a few of them has become a challenge in itself. The biggest problem is that while all of them claim to do an amazing job, very few actually deliver on their promises. There are many fly-by-night operators whose sole aim is to get you to part with some extra cash. If you are also looking for a removalist, you can do the following:

Ask for references: If you know someone who has recently shifted and has used the services of a professional removalist/mover, then speak to him/her to get a first-hand review. In case the feedback is positive, then you can always approach the same company. In case get a negative feedback, then you can look for another company.

Research online: With the easy availability of ratings and reviews on the Internet, it is now easier than ever to check the credentials of any removalist. You can start by searching on Google or another search engine to draw up a list of professional moving companies in your city. Though you may see a lot of movers in your search results, look into their websites and ensure if they are the right kind of mover you are looking for instead of starting to contact them right away. This will give you a good insight into packers and movers services and help you make an informed decision by filtering out true quality from amateurs/frauds. You can shortlist a few of them based on the reviews left by past customers on social media or review websites. This will give you a fair idea about their credentials and whether they deliver on their promises.

Get a quote: Once the shortlist is ready, contact them to find out whether they will be able to handle your move or not. You will need to explain your requirements clearly along with the deadlines and the quality standards you expect. Thereafter, they may visit your house to understand the scope of work and will come up with a quotation for their services.

Pikkol makes this process very simple. Instead of physically visiting your house, it lets you use the friendly automated quotation system that it has made available on its website. You will just need to enter the list of things that need to be moved and the site will instantly give you a quotation for the service. This is easy, convenient, completely hassle-free and time-saving.

Check for affiliations: Every professional moving company which has the intentions of doing business seriously will have adequately trained manpower and membership of various national and international associations of movers. Before zeroing upon a company, ask them to show the necessary proof of their credentials and affiliations. This will give you enough confidence that the company is serious about what they do, and their trained manpower will be able to handle your valuable belongings in the best possible way. Stay away from companies which are unable to show the proof.

Read the fine print: Remember that the company which gives you the cheapest quote may not be the best. Price should not be the only consideration for selecting a professional mover. So once you get the quotation, clearly read the terms & condition to understand clearly the inclusions and exclusions. This will give you a clear idea of what to expect from the company and will protect you from extra expenditure on services that are not included.

Don't forget the insurance: even the best professional moving companies cannot guarantee that every item they move will reach the destination in perfect shape. There is always a chance that your furniture may get chipped, scratched or even broken in transit due to factors which are not in anyone’s direct control such as accidents, road conditions etc.. Choose a company that provides adequate insurance cover at an additional cost, to protect you from such damages. Most people miss out on this critical aspect while handing out the contract to a removalist. Keeping these points in mind will help you to choose the best removalist for yourself. We strongly suggest that you should not rush through this critical process. Otherwise, if you choose the wrong company in a hurry, you will have to unnecessarily pay heavy price for it.