House Shifting Horrors: How to avoid in 7 steps

House Shifting Horrors: How to avoid in 7 steps

May 10th, 2016

You are panicking…..

Having finalized everything required for your relocation to new home, only the packer and mover bit is left to be solved… And you are confused and paranoid from the stories your friends told you. You just want your favorite coffee-table (gift from Mom) to get shifted without damage and the clothes to reach the new place (unlike the last time when the packer lost all your clothes). You also get reminded of the time when the huge goon-like workers demanding money at midnight (when they leisurely finished their work) and threatening…

Everyone wants to know the answer to this one question. How can I find and engage reliable and trusted packers and movers to shift my home within the city or across different cities in India?

Fret not, for we are providing you with the cheat sheet to find the best packers and movers in India.Follow these simple steps and get the homework done before finalizing a packer and mover for your house-shifting, office shifting or vehicle shifting. So put on your seat belts, your quest for shortlisting the top five packers in your city, may it be Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai or Kolkata, is beginning. The heavily guarded industry secrets are yours for the taking and give you superpowers to find the best packer who will help you with house shifting in your city.

Professional team:

The foremost thing you should check is if the chosen packer and mover is having a professional team which takes care of the move. You won’t get a seamless hassle-free house shifting if the strange set of people entering your house and handling your belongings are a bunch of shabby individuals (possibly intoxicated) and behaving in unprofessional manner. This usually happens when the packer picks up labor from the street without background checks or verifications. This ploy by the packers and movers to reduce their cost usually ends up being a very harrowing experience for you.

Reviews and ratings:

In this world where social media rules our lives, it is just a matter of searching for the information you need. It is always essential that you check the ratings and reviews by past customers. Many Indian packers and movers do not have an official review option as they know that most of their customers might not be happy with their service. Sporting a review option itself is a very good sign to spot a good service provider who cares about their customer.

Price rise:

It is a very common practice among local packers and movers to quote a lower price initially to get the order. Unfair price rise can happen anytime without warning from an unreliable vendor once the order is finalized. This usually happens at the last moment when the customer cannot even search for an alternate vendor. They may cite several reasons to extort more out of you including, but not limited to vehicle size, floor, extra labor charges etc. Refusal to pay may result in mishandling of the consignment or even taking the consignment hostage. This eventuality can be avoided easily if the ratings and reviews by users are taken into account while making the final decision on the packer and mover. Look for packers and movers who can give you transparent pricing options based on the quantity of load (in cubic feet), packaging choice, distance, manpower required etc.


The vehicle used by the packer and mover is another crucial component while shifting. The right sized vehicle will make all the difference in the safety of your belongings and the charges you have to pay for the shifting. The packer and movers sometimes act very smart and bring smaller vehicles so he can force-charge extra for multiple trips.

Proper packing:

One has to make sure that proper packing material are used for packing specific items so that chances of damage are minimized during transit. Strange enough, some of the packers and movers may not do the packing as required by the item, resulting in damage. Usual reasons are cutting cost on packing materials, unskilled or untrained workers doing the packing,

Damage and transit care:

A local service provider may not be very concerned about the safety as they know from experience that customers rarely come to them a second time. This translates to a situation where the vendor do not have policies in place for damage cover for accidents during transit or handling. Any repeated attempt to contact these vendors, once the move is done, will go for waste and they may even block your number.

Post service customer care:

Traditionally, Packers and movers is an industry with an abysmally low score for customer service. Being a pure utility service with low chance of repeatability, packers get complacent once the order is executed. Any post move complaints such as loss, damage, etc., usually falls in deaf ears. Being a labor intensive operation, the chances of human error resulting in damage is high when it comes to untrained teams.

Now that you know your way around the packers and movers world, go ahead and do your homework and find the best out of them.

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