April 4th, 2018

Moving into your dream home happens only once in a lifetime. It is always a joyous and emotional moment It is a rare, special occasion that definitely calls for celebrations. finding an ideal home in itself is such an arduous task that people find themselves under lot of stress. This may lead you to forget many important things which follows, including moving into the new home. At Pikkol, we understand and respect this concern and work towards ensuring that we are at least able to relieve you from the stress of packing and unpacking so that your focus is more on important stuff like finding the ideal home, paperwork, getting the stuff to be in the right place and most importantly planning your housewarming party and inviting your friends and family over to take a first look at your new place.

Pikkol works on making your moving process a smooth one at every step so that your focus is only priorities that need your attention.

Who says shifting is boring and tedious? There is much more to do in it and you can enjoy your moving. The complexity of the situation lies on the way we think about it. If we consider shifting a boring and hectic task it may prove like that to us and if we feel enjoying in the task, we can actually enjoy the same. Good planning and organization from your side will help you cope with the move in the best way. At Pikkol we help you enjoy your move by making it an absolutely stress free and hassle-free process.

Make your first move with Pikkol with just three simple steps. Enter your move details online, customize your quote, book and pay online, all in less than 3 minutes. Moving homes, moving your business, vehicle or be it any article, Pikkol is your one stop solution catering to all your relocation needs. We believe that careful planning and execution will ensure that you thoroughly enjoy moving into your new home, With Pikkol you can be confident of having an amazing experience any time that you would need relocation services. Pikkol pioneered using technology to great extend in relocation industry. From time of booking to post move requirements, every process is monitored and managed using tech-tools to ensure maximum efficiency and close control over the service execution. So go ahead and make your move count! It’s time to celebrate your move with Pikkol…Your trusted partner always!