House Moving Checklist while shifting to Jayanagar

House Moving Checklist while shifting to Jayanagar

April 13th, 2018

For shifting from one house to another in Jayanagar a lot of planning is required. The overall cost, time, packing, moving and the whole process can make you go crazy. In order to tackle this problem one should always plan ahead and do things systematically. Planning the shift well ahead will make sure that things go as smooth as possible. There are a lot of tasks to look into before the shifting. Plan systematically well before the actual process and create a checklist on what should be done. Here are some points that you can add to you checklist to help you in handling the process tension free.

Hiring a Professional Packers and Movers

As it would take a lot of effort to do the shifting, hiring a professional packers and movers for shifting is a good idea. Inquire around to find the best service providers in the area that meets your requirements. Confirm with them the charges and quotes for completing the procedure. Once satisfied with the services and facilities book the packers and movers on a suitable date to move.

Plan for which home items will go where

Shifting from one home to another it doesn’t mean that the layout and positions of each items will be same. Rearranging them into new positions will be more attractive at the new place. Decide ahead on which items will go in which room and pack accordingly. While packing and moving fragile items are handled differently one must take good precaution.

Necessary packing materials

Make sure that you have enough packing materials to wrap up all the items. Different types of items require different materials to pack. You can use cardboard boxes, clothes, wood, papers or plastic covers to cover the home items. The soft materials can be used effectively to wrap paintings,photo frames and other fragile items. They can be also used to fill in the gaps or pad corners from physical damage.

Separate valuables

While packing ensure that you separate the valuable item from each other. You can pack such items separately and securely. Jewellery, documents and other important items need to be secured and preferably transported under your direct supervision.

Start packing for move

Packing for the move should be done systematically. Easy to move items can be packed at first and then move to big items as per the desire. Packing roomwise is also an idea that can be tried. This will ensure that you will know for sure which set of items will go where in the new house. If packing into boxes label each box for the items in it so that you won’t be confused as to where be what.

Shifting process

Once all the items are securely packed start loading them into the transport vehicles. You can guide the workers as to which needs to be taken first. It is advisable to load the heavier items at first and then the lighter ones. Your presence will be helpful for them to identify the boxes with breakable items which can be handles accordingly. Once at the new place you can guide them as to where you would like the items to be placed in the new place.

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