Honey, what about the furniture?

Honey, what about the furniture?

March 7th, 2015

You plan to move to a new house soon. Most of your packing boxes are full. You’ve managed to be on top of things till now. Suddenly, your partner asks you, “Honey, what about the furniture?”

Do you need to start panicking? Not necessarily. While moving heavy or expensive furniture is no cakewalk, there are some foolproof ways to aid the process.

Make sure you’ve cleared out your cupboards and taped the drawers before attempting to move the items. Disassemble heavy furniture. This can lighten the load.

Most furniture need not be lifted or dragged. You can just slide them out of the room using blankets, rugs, cardboard etc. Gently rock your furniture to bring the material under its legs.

If your floor is carpeted, you can cover the legs of the furniture with some aluminium foil. Rods can be used as rollers.

Blankets can be used to cover your furniture in order to shield them from damage. After covering up, it’s a good idea to secure the items with cling film.

You can use ramps to move heavy furniture down the stairs. A dolly can be used to move bigger items like washing machines, fridges etc.

Ropes are useful when it comes to shifting mattresses. Thin ones can be rolled up and tied with ropes. For heavier ones, the ropes can be used as mattress slings.

As for furniture that won't fit through your doorway, you can probably unhinge the door for a few extra inches of space. If you live in a house, as a last option you can even consider hoisting the items out through a large window.

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Happy Moving!