Home moving tips towards shifting with packers and movers in Bangalore

Home moving tips towards shifting with packers and movers in Bangalore

February 5th, 2018

So you have finally decided to relocate to a new place. As much as the thought is exciting, it has a much more unexciting face which will slowly unveil as you proceed to initiate the entire process. Moving house is as stressful as it gets. All the sorting and logistics to do, not to mention moving an entire house of stuff to another one is a tedious job. Moving everything and everyone could be a recipe for disaster, if it is unplanned and disorganized. Here are some tips to make your move a less stressful one.


Before you make the move, make a plan of the entire process. Ask yourself crucial questions like how much money can you spend on the entire thing? Will you be able to transport any of your stuff in your own car or rental truck or will you give everything to the movers? Do you have any friends or family members that can help you out with the move? If you are planning to move some of the stuff by yourself, how much time can you spend on doing that? Sort these matters out so that you don’t face problems afterwards.


Take inventory of everything that you will absolutely need and start chucking out everything else. Use a pack, purge or donate approach while sifting through your stuff. If you declutter every part of your home, you get to grips with what you have. Sell your used items on second-hand selling websites like OLX or just donate them to say, an orphanage nearby. A little bit of charity work doesn’t hurt anyone.

Packing Tips

Make of plan of what goes where before you start packing. Once that is done, start with the most difficult room because things become quite relaxed once you tackle this first. Start packing items you can do without. If you are moving during the summer, you can easily pack all your winter clothes, sports equipment and all those heavy blankets. Keep an inventory of what is going to which box and do not forget to label the boxes. Use colour codes, if that makes things easier.

Handling Heavy Items

A very crucial aspect of moving which needs to be dealt with extreme care. If you’re moving a heavy piece of furniture (or box), keep your body pressed against it. This reduces the strain on your arms and makes it easier to balance. It also helps you maintain a firm grip, so you’re less likely to drop what you’re carrying. But do not sacrifice professional help for the sake of saving money. Remember that your personal well-being is of top priority and moving companies have the expertise to deal with situations like this. The cost of their moving services is a small price to pay for your comfort and safety.

Handling Glass Items

Most of your fragile glassware and crockery are used in special occasions. So, it is a safe bet to pack them up in the very beginning to avoid rushing through the process hastily several days before your move. When packing glassware, it is really necessary to use high quality packaging materials. This includes bubble wraps, sturdy cardboard boxes, durable packing tape, blank newsprint and cell boxes for glassware. Every item should be carefully and thoroughly wrapped in high-quality packing paper and bubble wrap for the best protection. Stuff the insides of glasses with crumpled packing paper to reinforce the delicate glass against outside pressure.After securely taping the top and bottom of each box, clearly label the contents "FRAGILE" and "This Side Up", so you or the movers will know what position to carry and set the box down.

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