Guidelines For Your International Move

Guidelines For Your International Move

March 2nd, 2017

International relocation can be really stressful if you don’t have the support of the right and sensible moving partner like Pikkol. There are loads of things that need to be planned ahead of time while you have international relocation on your card. Pikkol can support you through all the phases of your international relocation with their dedicated services which makes your international movement hassle free. For moving abroad whether for work or as a dependent, you need to follow few international moving guidelines to avoid any kind of the last minute issues and hassles. Here is an international moving guide for your international relocation process:

7 To 10 Weeks Before The Move

• The first thing to consider is the documents. You must keep in mind every document that you need to carry from passport to driving license to tax papers etc.

• Learning the local language can be really beneficial if you are about to be in the new country for a longer span of time. So, when you have 10 weeks in hand, you can at least learn the basics.

• If you are moving for a particular purpose then make the plan for the events that you are going to be a part of and places you need to visit or people you need to meet etc.

• If you are moving with family, make proper arrangements for your kids like schooling and tuitions and other general and necessary requirements to be kept in mind.

• Your international moving checklist must include the list of things you are going to shift to your new home in the new country. Make a wiser choice and take the belonging that is actually needed and you cannot do without. • You need to inform many people about your moves like your electricity supplier or your cable line provider etc. Write down the people who need to be informed about your move and start informing them.

• During the 7th week before the relocation, start gathering the free quotes from the packers companies. You can contact Pikkol to get the free quotes for your international move and they are always there to assist you.

• The next thing that must be on your international moving checklist and one of the most important parts of the international moving guide is the medical check-ups that one need to undergo before travelling abroad. You must check whether all the vaccines are provided or not to you and your family members travelling abroad. You must check all the medical records and keep them at one single place in a folder and always keep them handy during the international travel.

6 To 4 Weeks To Go

• By now you must have informed everyone who needs to know about the address change.

• You must have taken good care of your belongings that you are relocating. Read through the customs laws of the country you are moving to so as to be clear on what all can be taken.

• Your international moving checklist must have included the insurance and valuation of the belonging that you are relocating.

• Start notifying all your local vendors and other associations about your movement so that they can be aware that you are not available at your home.

• Pay your pending bills and dues.

• Start selling or renting the asset that you won’t be using anymore.

• Start arranging for residence, transportation to the destination at the new country.

Final 3 Weeks Before The Move

• In the final weeks, you must recheck all the above-mentioned things in the checklist like bill payments, dues, documents, medicines (ensure you carry valid prescriptions) etc.

• In the last week before travelling, change your currencies so that you don’t have to rush in the airports. When international move is to be done, there are hundreds of rules, guidelines and protocols you need to be aware about the country you are moving to. A professional mover need to be chosen so that they will sensitize you about the various aspects of the move and make sure that your move is safe and hassle-free. With Pikkol, you can comfortably makes your international move without any complications. They follow the strict international moving guide and take care of all the items on an international moving checklist.