Furniture Removal Nightmares and How to Move Them with Ease

Furniture Removal Nightmares and How to Move Them with Ease

February 2nd, 2017

Moving heavy furniture around is something which we don't do every day. So if we have to shift our house within the same city, or to another one, it is natural for most of us to get worried about how to go about it. Since most furniture tends to be heavy, they require special methods for removal. Any improper removal can cause damages, scratches, and abrasions on their surface. The most vulnerable are the wheels, base, and any other protruding parts. Special care has to be taken so that these do not get damaged while moving.

The techniques for packing and removal of furniture that can be dismantled and the ones that can't be are a lot different. Removing furniture becomes a lot easier if it can be dismantled, either partially or completely. You can call an expert carpenter to take out the individual parts and then you can simply pack these parts separately.

The task becomes a lot more difficult if the furniture cannot be dismantled. In that case, you will have to pay special attention to the space available for removing the furniture. If your staircase or the corridor is narrow then you have a problem at hand. Removing large furniture through a narrow exit becomes almost impossible. Naturally, the furniture removal becomes a thing straight out of a nightmare in such cases. In India, this problem is quite common, especially in the old residential houses.

The solutions:

Here at some ways in which you can make furniture removal a lot easier.

Hire professional help: The best thing to do if you are very worried about this is to depute the job to a professional moving company. Companies like Pikkol have years of experience in handling removal of furniture of all shapes and sizes from various places. They have the right equipment, manpower and other resources for easily moving furniture. They will take all the worries away from you so that you can sleep peacefully without having any nightmares.

Take stock: Make a list of the furniture that you have and decide on which ones you would want to take to your new home. Not all furniture is worth moving, and it is better to sell the excess ones instead of incurring the cost of moving them to a new house.

Remove the glass parts: before moving any furniture, dismantle the fragile parts like the glass tops, sliding glass doors of a cabinet since these items tend to break very easily during transportation. Before removing the furniture, take out these fragile parts and pack them safely with bubble wraps and packing paper. Transport them separately and handle them with special care.

Empty the furniture: Moving furniture which a full is bound to create a lot of problems. The contents of the furniture will increase the weight of the furniture manifold, and also create problems by shifting places while the furniture is being moved. Heavy and hard items inside the furniture can also cause internal damage to the furniture.

Use the right packing materials: To avoid breakage and abrasion, wrap the furniture with special furniture covers, bubble wrap, packing paper or corrugated sheet before transportation. Another commonly used packing material is a removal blanket. These keep the furniture safe and ensure that they reach their destination in top shape.

Move heavy furniture carefully: If you are moving the furniture by yourself, have clear ideas of the weight of the furniture before trying to push or lift them for removal. We know a lot of people who have suffered back and arm injuries when they try to lift very heavy furniture. If the furniture is heavy, then ask others to help you out. You can slide a carpet or a rug under them and slowly slide them away. Doing so will save the furniture as well as your back.

Avoid removal through a narrow passage: If the movement of furniture in your existing or new home is difficult due to narrow passages for staircases, then it becomes a big problem, especially if the furniture cannot be dismantled. In that case, you will need special equipment which can be provided to you by professional movers. Using special pulleys and ropes, they will slowly drop the furniture onto the ground through an open space like the balcony or roof. Thus, the hassle of carrying the furniture through the narrow passages is eliminated.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your furniture is removed smoothly without any problems. Since this is a laborious task and involves carrying lots of weight, it is often wise to take the help of a professional moving company like Pikkol to ease your worries related to furniture removal.