Five mistakes people make while moving- How to avoid them

Five mistakes people make while moving- How to avoid them

November 10th, 2016

Planning to move you home? Well, in that case, this article will tell you exactly what you need to know before you even start off with planning and organizing your stuff or choosing a trusted and reliable packer and mover. Most people make these five common mistakes while moving- be it house, office or even vehicles:

Mistake 1: People think they have more time with them than they actually do.

Moving is essentially a once in a while exercise and consumes a lot of time whenever it is undertaken. More often than not, people tend to wrongly assess as to how much time would it take to get things organized. Barring the cases when moving is done without any control over timing or in a personal emergency, organizing and timing the move is a must to avoid any last-minute fright.

One must always remember that while planning a time-critical event like shifting, it always pays off well if one works up his ways backwards; like planning everything after one is certain about his move-out date that could happen with the end of rent period or end of the service term.

Once sure of the move-out date, one must allocate at least three to four weeks to starting preparations, hiring movers, and sorting stuff and most importantly, setting a budget for it. One must use these weeks wisely in prioritizing all the tasks and also should sort out the things one might need the most on the moving day and more before one appoints the movers for the task. Many professionals only get time during weekends to prep for the move and this time should be used wisely.

Mistake 2: People often do not check for references thoroughly when choosing a packer & mover partner.

Make sure that you do a thorough check on the packers and movers you are considering for the move. One should look for signs of post-move complaint resolutions by the mover which is a good benchmark to determine how customer centric the mover is. Many factors including bad roads may contribute to damage to your items in transit and a professional mover will be more than willing to help you out with situations like this.

Mistake 3: Choosing your mover on basis of the quote

Due to the highly non standardized nature of service, people are unaware of the right price for the move. Due to high competition, many movers will quote less to clinch the job. Choosing a packer and mover solely on basis of the price is also not a wise move. The cheapest ones tend to add charges as and when the move is progressing which may make your move cost more expensive than the highest quote you have received before committing. Get assurance from the mover that the quote given is final and no hidden charges will be added later on. Insist on an official invoice from the mover with the final charges mentioned. Also make sure that you have taken into consideration all the items that you need to move while requesting a quote. Any addition later on will give a chance for the mover to haggle over price and may end up being an unpleasant experience.

Mistake 4: People do not sort through the stuff before packing.

Getting rid of all the unnecessary items should be one of the first tasks at the initial stage of the shifting process. People usually leave this task for the last minute and end up misplacing stuff often. People actually, end up taking more time in packing than they should because of this mistake and then they end up leaving the unnecessary items behind without their proper disposal and have to tend to this task later on. So, it’s advisable to get rid of the stuff that you haven’t used in the last one year- be it books, shoes, clothes, furniture or showcases. Donate whatever you can, to someone who is in need of the stuff. This way you will save on your moving cost, time, and feel good about the gesture too.

Mistake 5: People do not leave enough time to pack their stuff.

This may sound as not a big mistake. But it actually is what most people often do. People miscalculate the time they’ll need for packing their stuff. Like fragile items need careful wrapping and packing, your kitchen supplies need to be carefully boxed and labelled and lot more. Also make sure you book your mover well in advance and do not wait for the last minute on finalization. Even the mover will need ample time to pack your stuff properly. Last minute rush will end up in a shoddy packing job, which may result in damage while moving. Get a professional packer who will get the job done in a meticulous fashion, segregating all items and packing them properly. Planning this step well, will ease up the task of unpacking too, when you’ll know which stuff will go where and simply unpack them and you’re all set in your new place in short time.