Changing residence? Tips on how to make your dog feel secure

Changing residence? Tips on how to make your dog feel secure

March 16th, 2018

Changing residence can be a fantastic experience for you but it is however not the same with Dogs/cats as they develop a mixture of feelings citing insecurity. So what should you do to curb the insecurity and make your dog feel more secure? Here is an explicit guide on ways you can follow.

Consistency is the key You used to take your dog out for walking, feeding more often but as soon as your changed your residence, the frequency began dropping and this could trigger a sense of insecurity amongst dogs. Thus, make a schedule and devote your free time feeding and walking with your dog. Cats are more likely to spend most of their time outdoor so allow your cats to roam freely.

Treat your Dog with dog-friendly places
Look for cafes or parks that allow dogs to enter. You can treat your dog with what they like to eat. Take the dog for a walk in the dog park where he can interact with other dogs and feel more secure.

A room for your Dog
You got a new house and you already moved it to your favorite room but what about your dog. Consider few choices to make your dog feel at home. You can grab some rugs that can keep him away from dust yet warm. A dog’s quarter with a doggy house that can be customized is a better alternative though. Make necessary arrangements for food and water which is the basic necessity for any being.

Hammock Seat Covers for traveling What about offering luxury to your dog to make him feel secure. Get yourself a Hammock Dog Seat Covers which can be easily strapped. Pet Seat Covers are extremely comfortable and cozy even on the bumpiest ride. It will also keep all the claws paw, fur, dust, potty, and other unwanted substances away from your car’s seat.

Let the dog explore the new home Dogs love sniffing and that’s how they create a map in their brains. So let them explore and wander around the property and sniff around. It would take time for your dog to adjust to the new environment and were used rug or blanket with scent of your puppy can ignite connection to the new house. It usually takes a time to bring back your dog’s behavior to normal but you got to be patient with the most loyal friend of a human being.

Lower the Anxiety Throwing a party means a lot of guests will show up and chances of your door bring open is more, in this case, your dog might develop anxiety and insecure with the new environment and he might try to escape. Let your dog mold in the new house. Approach a veterinarian for special care of your dog. Invite some friends with their dogs and let them mingle around which will trigger the feeling of security.

Treat your dog with his favorites It could be toys or food or bed or crate, but if your dog likes spending more time with it, it should probably be in your new residence as well. Surely your can introduce new toys or experiment with new food or treats, his favorites will make him feel secure and comfortable. It will also help him relax and look for possibilities of enjoying in the new residence.

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